Weekly El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for August 1, 2019

The Wheel

August 1, 2019

Editor:  Gary Buffon


President Marty opened the meeting by greeting everyone. Joe led the flag salute and Gary offered a thought for today.

Guests:  We did not have any guests today.


  • Nobuko has invited her friend who make chocolates to attend a Rotary meeting soon to investigate the possibility of becoming a member of the club
  • Sonya has invited a chocolate vendor to come to Sip and Savor and asked everyone to help by notifying her about any potential vendors or have them call Sonya to express their interest in joining us at Sip and Savor
  • Tracy is working on an upcoming Warriors night for Rotary.  She is getting Michael involved so he can spearhead the operation
  • Sonya also provided the time frame for the tickets
  • President Marty presented Terry with his past president pin which has a small diamond mounted in the pin

Happy Dollars:  Kanti had $20 happy dollars or the pottery Lee made him as well as a number of other things for which he is happy.  Nancy had Caution dollars to alert everyon the that Fraud people are ramping up their attacks on actions to steal you money.  Terry is happy about his family vacation that involved a turtle incident that provided information and a chance to meet a scientist studying the turtles.  George is happy about celebrating his 65th anniversary with Norma.  Marty is happy about the visit he made to Twain Hart where he enjoyed the companionship of some really nice people.  Tracy is happy for the 10 year anniversary of being cancer free.  She will be participating in a fund raiser and a swim to promote fighting cancer. 

Sgt at Arms:    Steve acknowledged Tracy and Brody for their anniversary.  He also acknowledged Gary for his upcoming Birthday on the 11th.  He also acknowledged Terry’s birthday.

Todays Program: 

President Marty introduced our guest Speaker Rusty Gaillard, a Life Coach and Professional Speaker to speak to us about speaking the language of success.  Rusty gave us a brief overview of his work which he termed “the language of success.”  He began by suggesting the humans work using a process using: Thoughts, feelings, action and results as a basis for getting more out of life.  He told us about his own journey from working for Apple to them becoming a life coach.  He suggested that it is important to ask ourselves some important questions about our thoughts, feelings, actions and results that will result in our success.  He did this by sharing a story of clients efforts that resulted in he achieving success.   His presentation was both interesting and motivational as it shows how one can push through the difficulties that occur when we begin to move forward. 

This was an interesting presentation and gave us all some food for thought and guided action

Todays Raffle:

 Gary won the bottle of wine and Sil won the marble game and picked a blue marble winning $10.  Next week the pot will be $90.  Jack won the beaufiful Tea Pot that Lee crafted from clay.

Thought for the week

Imagine how powerful our brain is and how sometimes we forget the grand scope of the things we can do when we do not break things into small “bite size” pieces.