Weekly El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for August 15 2019

Editor:  Gary Buffon


President Marty opened the meeting by greeting everyone.    George led the flag salute and Marty offered a thought for today.

Guests & Visiting Rotarians:  Tita Escalada, President of Hercules Rotary and Gabe Quinto City Councilman of El Cerrito were our visitors today.


  • Next Tuesday there will be a Rotary Board meeting at 12:30p at the Club.  If you are a board member be sure and attend. all Rotarians are welcome
  • Nancy took over for Sonya (our Genie Stone holder) and brought us up to date on the Sip and Savor on Oct 13th.  Nancy also reminded us of the services that Sonya’s facility (El Cerrito Royal) provides and reviewed the great services provided.   

Happy Dollars:  Jane had $5 for the time she has been spending with her grandkids and how enjoyable it has been to get to know them better.  Nancy had $5 for the recent breach by Mastercard and how well Mechanics Bank was able to react to this situation.  Michael is happy he will be spending time with his Daughter in Washington in the near future.  Andy is happy for school to be starting and his three boys are all getting ready for this adventures.  Young Jack will be a freshman at El Cerrito high school this year.  Marty is happy for the camping trip he took with good friends.

Sgt at Arms Steve:  Table trivia as well as a few trivia questions about articles in the Rotarian magazine.  He successful collected for a number of things we did not remember.  In addition, Jane contributed for her 49th anniversary.

Todays Program: 

Marty introduced our speakers for today:  Jack Ludero Flick and Denice Devers to speak to us about the climate emergency that we are all facing in our world.  Jack and Denice both summarized some important aspects of our current situation.  Then they reviewed the current El Cerrito Emergency resolution being currently considered by the El Cerrito City Council.  In this process Denice and Jack discussed some of the aspects of the resolution and dealt with the pros and cons of the requirements of resolution.  Denice and Jack ended their presentation by answering a lot of questions and comments from the audience.

Todays Raffle:

Michael won the bottle of wine and Gary won won the marble game and picked the a catseye marble.  Next week the pot will be $55. 

Thought for the week:  It is always rewarding what can be accomplished by organizations large and small when it comes to making everyone lives better.