Weekly El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for August 8, 2019

 El Cerrito Rotary

The Wheel

August 8, 2019

Editor:  Gary Buffon


President Marty opened the meeting by greeting everyone. Joe led the flag salute and Gary offered a thought for today.

Guests & Visiting Rotarians:

Our guests today were Marvin Collins and Tammy and husband Will of Tammy’s chocolates who has her shop in San Mateo.  She is going to be one of our vendors at this year’s Sip and Savor.  If you want to check in with her she can be reached at 650-773-2918.  She brought samples of her chocoates and they are wonderful.    


  •  GGF is having Rotary day at the races.  Check in with them to get the specifics
  • The Rotary Board meeting has beem ,moved to Aug 20th at 12:30p at the club
  • Sonya gave us a complete update on sponsorship and venders for the Sip and Savor.  The preliminary stuff is moving along nicely
  • Nobuko’s guest Tammy was on hand to share samples of her chocolates that will be available at Sip and Savor.

Happy Dollars

Jim Spain is happy for Marvin being here today.  Andy had both happy and sad dollars today.  His favorite cat was attacked by two foxes and did not survive.  Jack had great feedbacl for his book of “happiness.  Nobuko is happy that her friend Tammy was on hand to provide samples of her chocolates.  Tracy is happy her training for her swim is going well and for her responses to her sponsors for the one miles swim she will be taking to earn money for the cancer fund.  Michae had 39 happy dollars for the number of years of marriage.  Gary was happy for the dance event that Norma and her troupe attended at which a audience member was 112 years old. This is record for the longest living audience member at one of Norma’s dances dances


Todays Program: 

Marty introduced Claire Brown and her husband Richard Katz who spoke to us tody on the subject of the role fossel fuel plays in the climate warming.  Clair and Richard volunteer for the 350 Climate Change organization.  Claire and Richard were with us to speak about the coal trains that come to Richmond where their coal cars are emptied into ships for transport to Japan. Claine and Richard identified the things that health ssues and other factors that are impacted with these coal shipments.  This information led to some excellent discussion on things that are being done to mitigate the impact of these shipments and how the alternatives could be exploited in the near future.  The bottom line is how can the transportation of this energy source be alternative logistical methods.  There was a lot of discussion between Richard, Claire and the audience on this matter. 

This was an excellent presentation and kept everyone’s interest.  Thanks Michael for briing Richard and Clare to speak to us.

Todays Raffle:

 Andy won the bottle of wine and Jack won won the marble game and picked the gold marble winning the $90.  Next week the pot will be $50. 

Thought for the week

No matter how many problems we solve our world and societies will always have many more waiting to have their turn to be solved.