Weekly El Cerrito Bulletin for Sept 12, 2019

El Cerrito Rotary -The Wheel

September 12, 2019

Editor:  Gary Buffon


Present Marty opened the meeting by greeting everyone and Kanti the flag salute and Marty offered the thought for today.

Guests & Visiting Rotarians:  Jim Spain had a guest, Lorren Ray.  No other guests today.


  • Marty announced Andy Brown has agreed to become our President Elect for next year.
  • Jim sent around a get well card for Al Caruso so we could all sign it.
  • December 15 is our club holiday party.  Lee will have a sign up sheet in a week or two.
  • October 24th is world polio month
  • Oct 5th we will be meeting at Los Moles again, the BCC is tied up
  • Sonya gave us an update on the Sip and Savor status and things that are going on.  We need more food vendors.

Jack, Andy and Marty at our Rotary meeting today were pleased to announce the selection and acceptance by Andy to become our president elect.

Happy Dollars:   Marty is happy that Jack got Andy to accept the Pres Elect position.  Tracy is happy that Andy is our new PE.  Lee is happy for us having a PE for next year.  Terry is happy Andy is taking the PE position.  Andy is happy that he completed his new bee hive and will be ready to tell us about it soon.  Sonya is happy for the success of her business operation.

Sgt at Arms Steve:  Not on Duty today

Todays Program:

Marty introduced Jack to give us his presentation on the Rotary International conference in Germany.  Jack started by playing a video that introduced the conference.  The conference was held in Hamburg and was a great event.  This was Jack and Carol’s 12th conference.  He began by answering the question as to why he has attended so many onferences and moved into what he took away from the Hamburg event.  Jack reviewed the highlights of activities and Carol presented her take on the home hosting event that she and Jack attended with three other couples.  The sort of it was wonderful and they enjoy themselves thoroughly.  One thing they learned is that this years International President’s Daughter lives in El Cerrito.  We now want to track her down so we can invite her to a Rotary meeting.  Jack took some great pictures of the homes they visited for the home stay dinners.  We also learned about the House of Friendship that is at each convention and how wonderful it depicts the work Rotary does around the world.  Jack’s presentation is enough to make one wonder why not attend an internationl conference. The one coming up this year is in Honolulu. What a great place to go.

Todays Raffle: No raffle held today.  Next week the pot will be $80. 

Thought for the Day:    The things that Rotarians do locally, nationally and internationally are enough to take your breath away because of the overall impact they have on the world.