Weekly El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for September 19, 2019

El Cerrito Rotary – The Wheel

September 19, 2019

Editor:  Gary Buffon


Present Marty opened the meeting by greeting everyone and Paul Keith led the flag salute and Marty offered the thought for today.

Guests & Visiting Rotarians:  Rotarian Joan Collignon visiting from Berkeley, and Ilene Libby from the El Cerrito Art Association, Lt Jose Delatorie of the EC police dept were with us today.


  • Marty announced the TGIFF event on the 27th being held by the Berkeley Rotary at the Skates restaurant.
  • Berkeley is sponsoring a Rotoract Mixer at Cal at the MLK Bldg on Sept 29th
  • Ilene gave us the update on the annual Art show and Sale on Oct 4th at the EC Community Center  
  • The Alzheimer s association is doing a fund raising walk on Nov 9, 2019 and a lot of the Rotary clubs in the area are working to provide support.  There is a walking event on the November date that will start at Pier 27 in San Francisco, so Joan gave us a rundown on the event..
  • Terry and Jan are heading up the raffle for Sip and Savor and they are getting ready to solicit donations for the Sept 13th event.  Get your raffle prizes ready to go and you can complete the paperwork so there is signage for the items at event.

Happy Dollars:   Andy is happy that his youngest son went to the Interact meeting yesterday.  Jack is happy to see Paul Keith and Jose.  Michael is happy that while he was in Hawaii he got work his son passed the BAR in Washington State.  Terry is happy for Eileen and Joan being on hand today.  Joan is happy to be here.  Lee is happy he is going on Vacation to Maine and Wisconsin.  He also recommended that everyone watch the Ken Burns production on PBS about country music. Ilene is happy to be heare today.  Jim Spain is happy to be starting the 37th year of his business.  Michael told us a heartwarming story about a client who had lost his home in Paradise in the Camp Fire and the great result that occurred for him with his settlement.

Sgt at Arms Steve:  Recognized Joe for his anniversary and Nancy for her birthday.

Today’s Program: 

President Marty introduced Joe Grupalo, a Battallion Chief in the EC Fire Dept.  His position gives him responsibility for the numerous activities that involve Emergency planning and preparations.  Today he spoke about what we need to be aware of and do to get ready for a fire caused disaster.  He gave us a summary of the circumstances of our local area and our surrounding geography.  He shared with us some of what has been going on with the planning and response procedures that are now in place.  He first pointed out the need for all us to become a part of the emergency response or community Warning System network by getting our phone number on the list.  We were given specific information about thing we need to have and have in place as part of our readiness.  The first thing that everyone needs to know is when there is an emergency we will only have a short period of time and then we will be on our own.  This means we need to have enough food, water and supplies to last for up to three days.  It is important that each of us as a family get ready for that to occur.   In the earlier going there was a process call NEAT for neighborhood emergency action team.  What this did was to prepare us for having clothes, food, water and other support for us to sustain ourselves for a period of time.  PG&E has told us that when they shut off the electricity off that will be a least a three day time frame before the power is restores so be prepared.

Chief Grupalo ended by giving us contact points for various information and resources.  This was a very resource rich presentation.  The kind that you need to hear a second time to figure out what you missed.  We were given and assignment by th e Chief.  Each of us is to make sure we get signed up on the Community Warning System.

Todays Raffle:

Andy won the bottle of wine.  Michael had his ticket pulled for the marble drawing and choose a black marble, costing him $5.  Next week the pot will be $85.

Thought for the Day:    Just when you thought you had everything figured out you determine that is not the case!