Weekly El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for November 14, 2019

El Cerrito Rotary

The Wheel

November 14, 2019

Editor:  Gary Buffon


President Marty opened the meeting by greeting everyone and Michael led the flag salute and Marty offered the thought for today.

Guests & Visiting Rotarians:    

 Our guest today was Rachael Lightfoot Melby was President Marty’s guest for the second time.  Carol, Jan’s sister was on hand on today for our meeting.


  • Lee handed out the flyers for our Rotary Christmas celebration.  There is a limit of 48 people for the party so get signed up before all the spots are gone.
  • Sonya shared that the Sip and Savor closeout is not complete and we will be getting this information by the end of December.
  • Marty recognized Jane for all her outstanding work for the Sip and Savor and making sure things were done with food (savor) and drink (sip).  Marty gave Jane a gold star to put on her Rotary badge
  • Marty told us our speaker next week will be very interesting.  You will be able to enjoy the presentation and bring a guest to enjoy it too.

Sgt at Arms:  Not on duty today.

Happy Dollars:  Marty is happy about Larry Sanchez being here today.  Terry is happy about the birthday parties for his two girls and the sleep overs of a bunch of young girls.  Jack is happy with the promotion of his Joyful Memories book and him being able to share it with more people. Sil reported good news about Mark Scott and him getting better with his fight with recovering from his surgery.  Gary is happy for the Interact Club and the amount of community service they are doing.  Gary is also happy that Rachael is here today and gave us a great introduction to who she is.  Lee is happy that the signage that our Rotary grant will pay for is beginning the construction phase.  Once completed we will set up the next step of working with the Interact Club and our fellow Rotarians to install the signs on the trail.  Stay tuned for the time line for the next steps. 


Today’s Program:  Our speaker for today cancelled due to an emergency so Marty asked his guest “Rachael” to give us a five minute “Who am I” talk.  It was great to have the info and get to know her more because she would be an ideal fit for our club!  The rest of our time today was spent on stories mostly about snakes and other interesting things the Rotarians remember from days gone by.  Rural upbringing also leads to sharing of interesting experiences. As always, this is a key component of what makes our club a great place to be on a Thursday meeting day.   Hope you were able to participate.

Todays Raffle:  Rafael won the bottle of wine.  Carol won the $100 gift certificate for Hotel Mac.  Rafael had his ticket drawn for the marble raffle and selected a catseye.  Next week the pot will be $110.

Thought for the Day:

It is very important that we continue to create and enjoy the awesome fellowship that our Rotarians provide.  Always remember the importance of a collection of Rotarians and what they represent.  When I was sharing with Rachel some of the key things Rotary has done for me, the club and the world, it is all pretty awesome.