Weekly El Cerrito Rotary – Bulletin for November 7, 2019

El Cerrito Rotary – The Wheel

November 7, 2019

Editor:  Gary Buffon


President Marty opened the meeting by greeting everyone and Tracy led the flag salute and Marty offered the thought for today.

Guests & Visiting Rotarians:    

 Our guests today Rachael Lightfoot was a guest of Marty. Carol, Jan’s sister was on hand on today for our meeting. Jan mentioned that Carol was here because of her and Carol sister’s passing.  It was great having us to have Carol visit us even it was not the best of circumstances.


  • On Tuesday Nov 12th there will be a Rotary Board meeting at the club starting at 12:30p.  All members are welcome, Board members need to be there as we have a number of things that must be addresses
  • Sonya gave us an update on Sip and Savor.  The final numbers are not quite completed.  The total at this point is 38K.  Come to the board meeting and get a better number
  • Tracy has more Warriors tickets available.  If you want to go to the game at Chase Center, contract her for info.
  • Andy reported on the BARSHEEP meeting and gave a summary of the holiday things that are going on.  Richmond is holding their usual holiday auction.  If you want to attend, there will me more information in the next bulletin.

Sgt at Arms:  Not on duty today.

Happy Dollars:  Jack had $20 for the great treatment received one of his clients at his offices in EC provided received by the EC Fire Dept when he experienced a heart attack in his office.  Tracy is happy our District Govern Tina’s great newsletter and that it is so good that Tracy posted it on our Facebook page.  Battalion Chief Joe is happy about the change in weather that has led to cooler temps and more moisture in the air. Jan is happy her sister is here.  Rafael is happy about how well he and his wife are getting along.  Rachael is happy to be at Rotary so she can learn about our club.  Nobuko is happy to be here and get some info from Joe about having a generator.  Andy is happy for a friend that repairs small engine powered appliances. If you have any small engine repairs be sure and get his info from Andy.

Today’s Program: 

Terry introduced Lisa Bowen to speak to us today about “Defensive Breathing.”  Lisa began by telling us that 70% of people hyperventalate because of the way they breath.  In the current environmnent there is concern abour air pollution and many are wondering about the consequences of this.  Lisa explained the basics of breating and how we react in various situations.  Everyone alive is breathing.  How we breath is a significant part of the results we get from our breathing behavior.  Lisa went over some of the facts about pollutants and how our nose if the filtering system when we breath.  She also covered the sizes of particals that we are exposed to and the importance of our nose in doing its work of treathing when we breath.  Lisa suggested that some 70% of normal people hyperventalate in the course of norma breathing.  This is larging a function of not practing effective breathing.  The factors that are involved center around us paying attention to our breathing and how important it is to be mindful of our breathing technique.  She reviewed the importance of us paying attention to our breathing activities.  Anything that inhibits our normal breathing through our nose will have consequences on our breathing and receiving the appropriate amount of airflow.  Be a healthy breathy individual!

Check out Lisa’s website:  www.breathingRetrainingCenter.com.  Her phone number is 415-454-3400 to get more information.  This was a most interesting presentation!! 

Todays Raffle:  Michel won the bottle of wine.  Michael also won the Warriors tickete.  Terry had his ticket drawn for the marble raffle and selected a catseye.  Next week the pot will be $105.

Thought for the Day:  There is nothing more rewarding than when we have a guest and they get enthusiastic about what goes on in our Rotary meeting.  It creates an internal motivation that we want to share this experience with more people.