Weekly El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for October 31, 2019

El Cerrito Rotary – The Wheel

October 31, 2019

Editor:  Gary Buffon


President Marty opened the meeting by greeting everyone and Nobuko led the flag salute and Marty offered the thought for today.

Guests & Visiting Rotarians:    

 Our guests today were firefighter Jose Cartrejon and Battalion Chief Joe Grupalo.


  • Marty encouraged us to arrive at Rotary no later than 12:15p which is our designated start time.
  • Marty announced the date for RotoCare Richmond Gala at the Richmond Art Center 2540 Barrett Ave.  This Saturday event begins at 5:30p and ends at 7:30p.  There will be wine, finger food as well as some great Art Center exhibits.  There will be cool jazz by the Cullen Luper Ensemble.  This is a great opportunity to see our Rotary Dollars at work.  RSVP via email RichmondClinic@RotaCarebay Area.org.
  • The Warriors tickets were not claimed at our Sip and Savor Raffle.  Therefore, next week we will put them in our own raffle and get them a home.

Sgt at Arms:

Steve was on duty today and conducted a quiz about things pumpkin where we learned that the pumpkin is a fruit and it originated in Central America.  He had a lot of questions that cost several Rotarians five bucks.

Happy Dollars

Nobuko is home from Japan and is happy about visiting family.  She was disappointed about Tokyo being like a ghost town.  Kathleen is happy about Halloween and shared with us the “Teal Pumpkin” project that make sure kids don’t receive treats that are harmful for them. Jack is happy about his 93 year old neighbor who made sure they had ice during the black out that occurred in Lafayette.  Andy had $20 but said he had some good luck and would not elaborate.  Perhaps we will learn more later.


Today’s Program:  Nancy introduced Kathleen Hunt to do a presentation on funeral customs.  There are a number of things that people request when they are putting down their last requests.  This may include dispositon of their body.  There are a lot of customs done by different tribes and nationalities.  Kathleen explained a number of these.  Many of us have seen movies of some of the New Orleans customs with the parade and music.  Cremation has grown ever more popular and we must be aware of the legal aspects of what to do with the creamains so it is legal.  It is not legal to just toss the remains any ole place.  Some of the more common things include placing the ashes at the base of a favorite tree or even on a coral reef.  Again, make sure you have checked out the restriction.  There are space programs where you can send the cremains into speace.  There is human cosposting that is populare in some foreigh locations.  Kathleen pointed out that there are certain colors associated with death in verious countries.  The best thing for all of us is to check with an attorney to see what options are available for our final arrangements.  Kathleen does this so you can contact her for more info. She gave me a business card and you can call her at 510-289-2288 or send her an email at kathleenhunt@uniquelaw.com.  As always, she gave us an excellent presentation. She has traditionally spoke to us on Halloween to give us interesting information about this interesting day in the world. 

Thanks Nancy for inviting Kathleen to speak to us!!

Todays Raffle:  Michel won the bottle of wine.  Sil won chance at the reffle and selected a catseye.  Next week the pot will be $100.

Thought for the Day:  Now that we are back at the BCC we must now concentrate on bringing in new members to grow our club.   What ideas so you have to accomplish that?