Weekly El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for January 9, 2020

El Cerrito Rotary -The Wheel

January 9, 2020

Editor:  Gary Buffon


President Marty opened the meeting by greeting everyone and Nobuko led the flag salute and Marty offered the thought for today.

Guests & Visiting Rotarians:    

None today.


  • Rotary club board meeting will be Jan 14th at 12:30P at the club
  • February 6th is the District Governor’s visit.  It will be an early day so be prepared to show up for our club early.
  • Jan 25th is the District training for learning how to do District grants
  • Next week we have the EC City Manager, Karen Pinkos as our speaker

Sgt at Arms:     Not on duty today

Happy Dollars:  Jack is happy to be teaching at El Cerrito Royal with his joyful memories program “game.” Lee is happy to have taken his family to see the Hamilton play. Rachel is sad that her dog has cancer but happy she can arrange her work schedule to spend time with him in his final days.  Terry is happy is not happy because his college football team did not make the playoffs.

New member induction of Rachel Lightfoot Melby: (See picture below?

Membership Director Jack invited Rachel to come forward for the Induction Ceremony of to officially welcome her into our club as our first new Rotarian of the new decade. Jack inducted Rachel into our club with a nice ceremony and explained the ground rules and expectations of how a new member transitions from a red badge to her blue badge.  Jack explained how now each of her fellow Rotarians will greet Rachel by writing their name in the club roster she was provided and give her two dollars. This money upon completion of being collected, is the down payment for the first $100 of her Paul Harris Fellowship.  She will turn in the money and signed roster in to Jack.  The money will be sent to the Rotary Foundation in Rachel’s name to become part of her legacy of contributions to her Paul Harris Fellowship award.  All Rotarians are expected to contribute at least $100 annually to the foundation.  There are a number of ways Rotarians can make monetary donations to the foundation throughout the year and each year there is a drive for the expressed purpose of allowing everyone to contribute their annual amount (usually $100).  When a Rotarian has made $1000 of contributions they are awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship and provided a beautiful lapel pin to salute the honor.  We all are proud of our foundation and the extraordinary value it provides humanity.   Editor’s note:  I put this in our bulletin so we can all be reminded of why Rotary is so important!

It is now time to look for and find other potential new members for our great Rotary club.  Who do you know that that can be invited to visit our club to see just how wonderful it is to be involved in Rotary? 

Rachel had her Rotary pin placed on her garment by Club Treasurer Jan to symbolize her joining our Club. There was a nice round off applause and Rachel can now settle in as our newest member and become a part of the “friendly El Cerrito Rotary Club.”

Today’s Program: 

Tom Panas, Contra Costa School Board member was here today to tell us about the changes and challenges the Board has been going through. A lot of changes ccame about as a result of lawsuits about the electorial process of electing the board members.  Tom provided us with a comprehensive and understandable summary of what has been going on for several years.  Everything from the number of board members (usually 5-7) and the population distribution as well as the make up of the ethinicity has been reviewed and judged for legal fairness of how the board is eleclted.  A lot of the legal aspects have been settled and are being put into practice.  The nominations for 2020 will be done under the new legal decisions and the voting will be done after delegates are nominated and the voting completed .   Tom agree to let us know how the election process goes this year.  Lets hope things go  somewhat smoothly for Tom and the entire school board and its members.  Our schools have some serious financial matters they must address in order for us to continue to enjoy or high quality school district

Thanks to Tom for bringing us a comprehensive presentation on the school board and the board election!!

Todays Raffle:  Jack had his ticket drawn for the marble raffle (again) and selected a cats eye marble.  Next week the pot will be $140.  Andy had his ticket drawn for the bottle of wine. 

Thought for the Day: 

How wonderful it is to induct a new Rotary Club member.  I provides an opportunity to recall the excitement of one’s first years in Rotary and the nearly endless adventure of what Rotary is and does.  Rotary is truly a gift to mankind!