Weekly El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for Feb 13, 2020

Editor:  Gary Buffon


President Marty opened the meeting by greeting everyone and Mike Pigonil led the flag salute and Marty offered the thought for today.

Guests & Visiting Rotarians:    

Visitors today:  Norma Trillia (George’s wife), Al Miller, Gary Pokorny Walnut Creek Rotarian, Tom Thurman, and Will Backman.


  • There is a ski event the Tahoe Rotary club is hosting on the 28th.
  • Marty presented the award from the District Governor’s presentation last week when Sonya was not present. 
  • June 6th will be President Marty’s demotion dinner at Lara’s (the old Salute’s).  More info is on its way 

Sgt at Arms:   Jane was the Ad hoc Sgt this week and recognized folks but assessed no dollar amount.  She did a lot of fun things and people were rewarded with chocolates and plants.  Good Stuff.

Happy Dollars:

Al Miller is happy he was able to attend the Rotary night at the Warriors game.  Andy had $10 that Jack had contributed last week for the new members we have brought on board.  Rachel is happy for the work from home club she has started.  She sent along a “blurb” about the club.  Here it is:

Rachel welcomes you to join her any Weds or Friday morning for an El Cerrito hike. Typically, the group meets at 10 am at this location: 7501 Schmidt Ln for a one hour loop. Sometimes they meet elsewhere. If you’re technically inclined, click to join this Slack (chat) group for weekly time and location. Or you may text or email Rachel the day before to get the time and location. 415-939-4114 / melby.rachel@gmail.com

Lee is happy for the trip  he made to Los Vaquero resourvois and he told us about the great things he enjoyed while there.  Sounds like this would be a seriously good place to visit!!  Jack was happy that he wore his Rotary Jacket to Pebble beach and told us of the perks he enjoyed as a result.  Rafael told us about a documentary he watched about Hong Kong and the good fortune we experience in America because we have freedom.  Gary had $10 to encourage everyone to come to Rotary next week to hear Jessica Ong speak to us about her experience from being an Interact member to now working as a speech therapist with the Contra Costa School District.  Sonya is happy she got to work with Junior Achievement girls and be a mentor to a great group of outstanding youngsters.

Sip and Savor Fund Raising Awarding of El Cerrito the Library Foundation by President Marty and Sip and Savor Chairperson Sonya.  Al Miller accepted the check for $3000 along with Gary Pokorny that our club presented to them for their help and support of the event.

Todays Program:   Marty introduced Andy Katz an member of the EBMUD board to give us a presentation and update on many of the things that this company is doing to take care of the critical public service requirements of this water district.  Andy gave us a comprehensive review of what systems they take care of and the overall responsibility of the agency.  He remindes that the major area of concern for the district is the maintenance of pipes in the district.  There are a lot of miles of pipes that provide the water for this district.  We were shown charts and graphs of the overall system and Alex pointed out the collaboration and Coordination required by EBMUD with cities and other controling authorities in the area service by the agency.  This is huge deal and one that we cannot take lightly.  Alex also did a summary of water rates and their impact on the populace and the various infra structure components of what must be done to keep and maintain this agency in operation.  Just the charts of pipe replacement and how that relates to reliability and how things get done is truly mind bogeleling.  There is always many construction projects underway for pipe replacement and upgrading.  This was a great presentation that benefited everyone.

My apologies for not having a picture of Alex.  My phone would not pass this along the photo to my email.  Working to get that fixed.

Todays Raffle:  George had his ticket pulled for the bottle of wine.  Michael Pigoni had his ticket drawn for the marble game and selected the gold marble winning the $160 pot.  Next week the pot will be $50.  Rachel and Jane won basketball “stuff” brought back by Al Miller who contributed it to our raffle today.

Thought for the Day:  It is always heart-warming to hear when others tell us the amazing work Rotary does and how impactful Rotary is on our World and all of its communities.