Weekly El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for Feb 20, 2020

El Cerrito Rotary

The Wheel

February 20, 2020

Editor:  Gary Buffon


President Marty opened the meeting by greeting everyone and Mike Pigonil led the flag salute and Marty offered the thought for today.

Guests & Visiting Rotarians:    

Visitors today: Andy had a guest Joe Sanger.  We also had three Pinole Rotarians.  Norma Buffon was on hand to hear our speaker today.


  • TGIFF is this month and Marty is nailing down the location.  He will notify us of where it is.
  • June 6th will be President Marty’s demotion dinner at Lara’s (the old Salute’s).  More info is on its way 
  • March 21th and 22nd is the tree planting project- Marty has sent info to us all so we can get ready and attend

Sgt at Arms:   Steve announced that today is National love day and then he asked Rachel, Michael Pogoni and Kanti and John Hoagland what Rotary means them.

Happy Dollars:  Nobuko is happy about the candy sale money and the contribution she made to the El Cerrito Rotary Foundation from the sale. Rachel is happy for her new client.  Chief Michael is happy about winning the drawing last week and he shared his joy in his grandson winning an award at a city event where he met other Rotarians.  Andy is happy that in Morgan Hill there will be an event for members of his family.  Michael Chang is happy for his great trip to Maui

Todays Program:    

Gary introduced Jessica Ong to speak to us today about her journey from being a high school Interact member to her current profession today with the CCUSD as an employee who specializes in the treatment of Aphasia at Cameron Preschool in Richmond.  Jessica gave an excellent presentation of her pathway to achieving her Masters Degree in Aphasia treatment from Cal State East Bay.  We were treated to her story and path to this position over the past ten years.  A process which required a lot of time, energy, self realization and effort.  We were told how she began to realize that her two person pashions of love of music and the desire to help others led her down this path.  She encountered many obstacles during her efforts in El Cerriro Interact to volunteering and tutoring in high school .

Todays Raffle:  Gary had his ticket pulled for the bottle of wine.  Michael Chang had his ticket drawn for the pot. He selected a catsye marble. Next week the pot will be $55.

Thought for the Day:  We are very fortunate in Rotary because we get to see evidence of the work we do.  Today was one of those time when one of the students in El Cerrito Interact some ten year ago came back to tell us her story and what a great story!!