The Wheel – Bulletin for March 26, 2020

El Cerrito Rotary

The Wheel

March 26, 2020

Editor:  Gary Buffon


President Marty: Opened this meeting using Zoom. Marty called the meeting to order by recognizing the Rotarians who joined in:  Nancy, Jane, Jan, Andy, Rachel, Steve, Michael Pigoni, Michael Chang, Sonya, Jack, Jan, George, John and Gary.  Marty shared a Jewish Proverb as his thought for the day.

Guests & Visiting Rotarians:   None today


  • Jane reported the new Rotary T-Shirts have arrived and since our check books are locked up at the BCC, Nancy asked Jane to email the invoice and she will make a bank draft to pay for the shirts and send payment to the company. 

Sgt at Arms:   Not done today.

Happy Dollars:  Jack had happy dollars, Andy had concerned dollars to the challenge that his business is not earning the revenue it needs, Rachel is happy that one of her prospects in Italy may be coming on board and another is looking good. John is happy that none of his family or friends has been sick with the commie virus.  The money will be turned in when we meet again at the club.

Today’s Program:

President Elect Andy was on tap to give us an update of his PETS experience and what he is developing for his upcoming Presidental administration.

He began by reviewing a number of key things about his experience and where it is leading him to do in his year as President. 

One of the key things he talked about is that every Rotarian has “extraordinary things” which turn out to be a personal Rotary Moment.  These Rotary moments push us along on our Rotary path.  He took this idea and said he will be asking everyone to think of their own Rotary Moments and how we were motivated to become “ROTARIANS.”  Since the overall challenge in the current Rotary culture is how can we constantly and consistentaly use our Rotary Moments to motivate us to apply extraordinary skills to finding individuals to bring into Rotary.  We will all be tasked to consider our own Rotary moments and how to use them to gain more Rotarians in our club.  These Rotary Moments always motivate us to work to pass on what makes us passionate about Rotary.  Andy said his mission is to create membership growth in everything we do.  We heard about the ways Interact is a vehicle for high school students to get to know the value of Rotary while they are in High School.  Andy also suggested we offer ways to award Interact members for their had work by creating scholarship for the bright young folks who are doing the community service work.  This will help with keeping the young people involved all during high school.  Andy summarized by giving us a peek at some of the other changes we will enjoy in the new regime.  I think we were all very please with our new President Elect. 

Todays Raffle:  not done today.   It will return when we resume regular meetings.

Thought for the Day:    If every Rotarian thought about what caused them to become a Rotarian you will have found a very important Rotary Moment.

We will have another Zoom meeting next Thursday April 2nd and you can think of ways you can participate and begin to develop the movement to move us out of this “commie flu” era and into a motivated attitude for getting everything on the runway so we can get our SST into the air so we can make some real progress.