The Wheel – Weekly Bulletin for March 19,2020

El Cerrito Rotary

The Wheel

March 19, 2020

Editor:  Gary Buffon


President Marty  Opened this meeting using a software application called Zoom with the guidance of Rachel as technical specialist for this operation.  Marty called to meeting to order by recognizing the Rotarians who joined in:  Nancy, Jane, Andy, Rachel, Steve, Michael Pigoni, Michael Change, Jack, John Hoagland and Gary Buffon.

Guests & Visiting Rotarians:    

This being a test meeting we did not have guests.

Checking in:  Marty polled everyone to see how they are coping in the face of adversity.  Here are some of the responses:

  • Michael Pigoni – provided us an update on emergency response protocols during the time.  As always he and his department have things worked out.  Bottom line is if you have an emergency and call for help you will get the same prompt response but the emergency personnel will come to your door clad in their hazmat gear and will direct you on the next steps of the call. 
  • Michael Chang explained he is staffing his small office with one person and he and other staff are on call if they are needed.
  • Andy gave us a glimpse of his teams that visit the outside of premises and what they are doing to keep everyone safe.  Andy also told us that he and Lee had gone on the trail and dug some “test” post holes for the sign posts.   This was to see how difficult the digging will be for the 12-15 post holes that are needed
  • Steve told us about his shopping experience at Trader Joes in Marin and how well-run the process was with the store being fully stocked and patrons being metered in to avoid a crowd in the store. 
  • Marty told us about his experience with Zoom and that he had been in several meetings on Zoom with AG’s and others to get the feel for what is possible with this technology
  • Nancy had a rather business as usual expect for metering people into the bank
  • Rachael told us about she is her husband working from home and taking taking care of their two children.
  • Gary explained he and Norma have been walking the Canyon trail park path along Baxter Creek on a daily basis
  • George told us about the magic of Zoom, in light of his experience on his farm in the old days when even having a phone was something special.  He commented, remember the days of pagers?
  • John said he and Lois were doing well and coping well. John is probably getting in a few tennis games.  There is no crowding on a tennis court.
  • Jack has been staying active with the things he does.

Speaker for future meetings. There was a discussion about when Andy will do his “I am back from PETS speech.  Nothing definite was decided but be sure you dial in next week for the Thursday meeting so you can keep up with what is happening. 


  • Marty reviewed how we arrived at this place and the role that Rachel had played in helping him get things set up.  It helps to have someone skilled at this high tech stuff to act as a trail blazer.
  • Marty gave us an update on a few things and provided updates on a few things.  Next week we will have our meeting using Zoom so those of you who did not make it on the forum today can get geared up for next Thursday!!  If you have questions you can call Marty or email him or Rachel with you questions/concerns. 
  • As for the equipment you need….I used my OLD Acer Laptop and it behaved well so don’t be concerned by the age of your equipment. 

Sgt at Arms:   Not done today.

Happy Dollars:  Not done today

Todays Raffle:  Next week the pot will be $50..

Thought for the Day:   Today’s meeting demonstrates just how versatile Rotarians are and what we can do in the face of adversity.