Weekly El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for May 23, 2020

President Marty:  Opened the Zoom meeting by greeting everyone.  Flag salute not done today. Marty shared a thought for today.

Guests & Visiting Rotarians:  We had no guests today.  We had eighteen Rotarians on the meeting.  Our guest speaker today was Chief Paul Keith of the EC police department.  Hopefully everyone got to check in and keep up with whats happened.


  • Rotary is offering a course for anyone who wants to learn how to provide support to home bound folks.  Marty can provide you with the information if you are interested.
  • Jane wants us to all consider ways we can use ideas for our new Rotary Year.  There have been many challenges that have occurred this year that have put barriers in Andy’s way to get him year off to a great start.  Jack asked everyone to bring the ideas to him so we can get our new President and Rotary Year off to a great start.

Sgt at Arms:   Steven recognized Paul Keith for his birthday this month.

Happy Dollars:    Jack is happy he and Carol walked the golf course path at BCC.  He said it was very enjoyable and indicated that it is possible for everyone to walk the path if you please.  Rachael said she ran a 10k run along the golf course pathways.  Steve was on the meeting using his cell phone while he is at his cabin in Lake Tahoe.  Gabe is happy for the walks he has been taking with his dog at the Albany Bulb area.  Marty is happy he went to Golden Gate Park and walked around the area.

Today’s Program:   

El Cerrito Police Chief Paul Keith was our guest speaker today.  He reviewed the response that the EC police dept have make to the chronovirus pandemic.  The first Paul addressed is the staffing required and how best to do an effective job during this somewhat extraordinary situation.  One of the first things is the work schedule for the officer staff which is to a seven day twelve hour day duty cycle and then with fourteen days off.   This change in deployment adequaterly covers the policing for the city.  Some of the key areas are how changes have been made for dealing with homeless people and the arresting of process of folks who have violated the law.  Most arrests do not result in taking people to jail.  With many stores being closed, the number of arrests is way down.  Paul shared some of the ways neighborhood are doing things that will interest youngsters such a visual scavanger hunts and some limited sports activities.  Paul mentioned that many cases of people drinking too much has resulted during this period.  These factors has made the job of being a police officer more challenging  Many people are acknowledging the police officer and fire fighters by sending them home made baked good as a way to demonstrate their kind feelings toward our public safety team in El Cerrito.

Paul shifted gears to the financial state of El Cerrito.  The bottom line is that all city departments will be faced with at ten percent reduction in expenditures in order to keep things operating.  The reduction in sales in the city has reduced that case flow dramatically.  In the Friday West County Time there was an article about the budget issues.  There will be a lot of things changed and tweaked to make sure we get through this tough time. 

As has always been the case, Paul gave a solid presentation with a lot of quality information that gave us a clear picture of the challenges everyone is facing.  Thanks to Chief Paul Keith for an excellent presention. 

Todays Raffle:  Not done today.   It will return when we resume regular meetings at the Berkeley Country Club.

Thought for the Day:   It seems when things seem the darkest we find the sun light coming through the cloud so we have the hope and capacity to do what we must do to overcome the challenge.