Weekly Rotary Bulletin April 16, 2020

The Wheel

Editor:  Gary Buffon


President Marty: Opened this meeting using Zoom. Marty called the meeting to order by recognizing the Rotarians who joined in. We had fifteen Rotarians and a guest speaker Marcel Lloyd who works for St Vincent Depaul.   George led the flag salute and Marty shared his thought for the day.

Guests & Visiting Rotarians:  Our only guest today was our guest speaker.  We had ten Rotarians on the meeting.  Hopefully everyone got to check in and keep up with what happened.


  • Lee gave us an update of the sign project.  He has the signs and post in his garage.  All the post holes have been dug and the next step is to get the post and cement positioned so they can be set,
  • Jack told us about his experience in a Richmond Zoom meeting where they had Sharon Tennison and talked about the results of the Russian project from nearly five years ago.  If anyone does not know Sharon or at least about what she did (in addition to making over 100 trips to Russia the last part of the perhaps we can get her or someone who was involved in “the Russia Project” to bring us a program to Rotary.
  • A check for $4500 has been contributed to the El Cerrito Park and Rec from our last Sip and Savor.
  • Jack reported that golf course has been well maintained and will be ready to go when the lock down is over.

Sgt at Arms:   Not on duty today.

Happy Dollars:    Lee is happy he has been able to do a make a lot of Pottery and is looking forward to providing raffle prizes for our weekly meetings when we get back to having our meeting at the club.  Jack is happy about the Safeway store people being so organized in their store operations during the lock down.  Marty was happy about the Monterey Market in Berkeley having a great customer service program.  George is happy about the Trader Joes he frequents and their having everything in stock.  Terry is sad about his oldest cat (19 years old) going on to the Kitty Heaven.  Andy is happy about all four of his boys being home.  Steve is not shaving and looking forward to when he can shave the beard.  Steve also reminded us that today is wear you pajamas to work day.  Since we have been meeting using the Zoom software it would be easy to take advantage of this idea. 

Today’s Program:   John introduced his son-in-law Marcell Lloyd to speak to us.  Marcell works with the Alameda County St Vincent de Paul organization which is headquartered in Oakland..  Marcell was asked to provide us a snapshot of his work as one of the key people for his organization which services the vulmerable individuals providing the essential services to this growing population.  It was apparent that Marcell is totally committed to his professional calling as he explained how “things worked” at St Vincent de Paul.  One of the more interesting things Marcel identified is the many priorities that his organization is involved in.  The most significant aspect of his professional calling is the similiarity that exists with what Rotarian’s do.  The main difference is Marcell a devoted member of a great organization that changes people’s lives.  At the last part of his presentation we learned about how the number of homeless in the bay area have increased.  One of the interesting data poijts is that there are some 28000 plus homeless in Bay Area.  There has been extensive statistics collected and published.  These data were collected with the help of Kaiser Permanente and St Vincent De Paul in 2019 in an effort to get a more accurate picture of the various factors that impact people in the Bay Area.   There is a lot of data available.   It is just a matter of looking it up.  Google searchs will yield a good picture of the scope of this problem.  It was wonderful having him on hand to guide us through the facts of this critical situation in California.   It would be beneficial for all of us to educate ourselves on the scope of this challenge.  Thanks to John for inviting Marcell Lloyd to make this presentation. 

Todays Raffle:  Not done today.   It will return when we resume regular meetings at the Berkeley Country Club.

Thought for the Day:     

It is key that being a responsible member of our society we must have a basic understanding of many important matters and not blindly go bumping about in the darkness of ignorance.