Weekly El Cerrito Bulletin for June 18, 2020

El Cerrito Rotary

The Wheel

June 18, 2020

Editor:  Gary Buffon


President Elect Andy:  Opened the Zoom meeting by greeting everyone. We just underction of Rotarians on our Zoom meeting.  

Guests & Visiting Rotarians:  Today we did not have guests just dedicated Rotarians.


  • Jane provided and update on status of Lara’s Fine Dining as a possible place for our demotion dinner and other events. 
  • Jack gave us an update on hi participation in the District Zoom event last Saturday.  It was very well attended and many awards and recognitions were passed out.  One of the key things is that our District contributed over 3 Million Dollars to humanitarian causes
  • President Elect Andy is getting us all energized in anticipation of our new year coming up on July 1. 
  • Andy was doing some techno stuff to show us some video.  The jazz band was great.  Something tells me we will be getting a strong dose of good stuff for our new President this year.  Now if we can just get back into a regular place we can call home and begin to put all this craziness with the Covid 19 stuff behind us. 
  • President Marty has notified us that our Rotary dues are actively being solicited so be ready to write your check for that.

Sgt at Arms:  Steve informed us today was National Go Fishing day and Paul suggested that was a good idea. Jack was recognized.for his Wedding Anniversary on June 28th and was soliciting suggestions for where he might take Carol fo their special day.

Happy Dollars:  There was a lot of upbeat Rotarians today.  Rachel shared stories about her family and neighbors and many others contributed to the positive mood.

Today’s Program: 

Andy introduced our City Police Chief and Rotarian, Paul Keith to bring us up to date on the work that he has been involved in moving his department into the next phases of policing and leadership.  Paul began by clarifying the definitions for Leadership and Management.  It was wonderful to hear about this as I was a representative for Leadership Management Inc for a couple of decades.  Anyway,  Leadership is an Art and Management in a Science.  The example often used is you need both in difficult situations.  If you need to climb a wall you need a ladder that will allow you to complete the task,  You get a good manager to select the ladder given the condition and requirement of the job on of the wall and other factors for your job.  Then the leader will make the determination of which wall to lean the ladder against.  Simple concept  and one that fits the model that Chief Paul was describing.  He has several type of professionals working in his teams.  From the line officers to lieutenants and captains. They all have many critical things and responsibilities in their roles as El Cerrito Police officers.  Chief Keith and his team have their goals a lot of statistic evidence of the outcome to use to verify the results of decisions.   One example he used is the challenge of theft in retail stores and how to improve the situation so the police and store owners both win.  If you think about the variables in this situation you can see how the resource expenditures result in different outcome for each party.  The store owner want to reduce his loss.  The police department wants the same thing but without the expense of having police dispatched to stores to stop it.  One thing that we all notice is stores have security members in the stores and that is a viable alternative to call the police each time there is theft.  In store security people can minimize a lot of challenges that do not need police intervention.  You want to have police available when a person with a baseball bat is threatening people with  physical harm to people on the street.  There was another example of the use of force situations and how the police can defuse these so the outcomes are not so dramatic and getting people shot or injured is unnecessary. 

The bottom line is Chief Paul and his team have used the data they collected from four years experience to “select the correct size ladder” and lean it against the “correct wall.”   The Chief’s presentation was both interesting and demonstrated what a solid “leadership/management” approach to his department’s challenges have brought about a number of positive outcomes.  In in my opinion Chief Keith’s success will continue to be move up on the success scale.  With all the media attention being placed on “use of force” by police, I am delighted to know our El Cerrito Police Dept is doing well and will continue it winning ways..   A big thank you to Rotarian and Police chief Paul Keith for his excellent presentation to the El Cerrito Rotary Club.

Today’s Raffle:  This portion of our meetings will return with new flavors and fun when our meetings return to the Berkeley Country Club.

Thought for the Day:   Rotary is an excellent organization that turns average people into superstars that do amazing things!  

Hope to see everyone on the Zoom meeting next week.  Let’s all keep our focus on getting back to a regular Rotary Meeting with a sit down lunch and fellowship!!