Weekly El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for July 16, 2020

El Cerrito Rotary

The Wheel

July 16  2020

Editor:  Gary Buffon


President Andy:  Opened the Zoom meeting by greeting and provided a thought for today from Franklin D. Roosevelt.  .     


Guests & Visiting Rotarians:  Our guest today was the guest speaker Melinda McCrary, Executive Director of the Richmond Museum.  The museum is housed in the beautiful Carnegie building at 400 Nevin Ave in Richmond.    Check the website of the museum for details about things that are doing.


  • Jack gave us the answer to his photograph quiz he sent out.  The phot was 2007 taken at a Golden Gate Fields fund raiser where our Rotarians were working to earn some money for community service projects
  • Lee provided us with an update on the Trail Trekkor signs installed by Rotary and the Trail Trekkors.  There has been some delay in completing the project.  The main entrance sign specifically has been put on temporary hold.  Most of the other signs have been installed.  Be sure you head out and walk the trail and you an see the signs for yourself.

Sgt at Arms:  Formally know as world’s greatest Sgt at Arms recognized Past Pres Terry for his upcoming 50th birthday on July 21st.  Congratulations on a half century to Terry.


Happy Dollars:   Jack is happy with the walk he took on the Trail Trekkor path and suggested we all take advantage of doing the same.  Marty is happy to be unemployed as his service writer job played out.  President Andy is happy he has scheduled speakers for the remaining two Rotary meetings this month.  Be sure and sign on to Zoom so you can take advantage of the presentations.

Today’s Program: 

Melinds McCrary who visited our club about 18 months ago came to tell us about the exciting things going on at the Richmond Museum.  She has also joined Richmond Rotary so she is a member of our neighbor club.  Melinda has been with the museum for 7 years and during that time there has been some amazing things take place.  She shared with us the saga of her recovering a beautiful mural that was found in the basement of the downtown Richmond post office and some of the key points of the recovery of this Victor Arnautoff mural.  This is no ordinary mural as it is 14 feet by 7 feet and depicts the “industrial heritiage” of the period in Richmond just prior to WW1.  The Richmond Museum of History is located at 400 Nevin Ave., adjacent to Nevin Park, in the heart of the Iron Triangle. The brick building with white Roman columns, known as the Carnegie Building, is over 100 years old and was originally a public library.  There are a number of interesting and exciting things planned for the museum this year.  There will be a membership drive along with a number of other interesting and wonderful activities.  Go onto the website and check it out:  www.richmondmuseum.org.   Melinda did a shared screen on Zoom and we all got to see a number of highlights.   Be sure and be aware of the upcoming events and participate in them.  As a minimum, consider joining the museum as a member.  A big thank you to Melinda for an interesting and fascinating presentation. 

Thanks to Andy for inviting her to spend the time with us on Zoom.

Thought for the Day:   Be sure and be ready to participate in the activities our Rotary club is currently doing.  With all the ranting and raving about the corona virus be sure you don’t miss out on the great and meaningful things our Rotary Club is doing!!