Weekly El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for July 9, 2020

El Cerrito Rotary

The Wheel

July 10  2020

Editor:  Gary Buffon


President Elect Andy:  Opened the Zoom meeting by greeting and provided a thought for today from Samuel Adams (our second USA President).     


Guests & Visiting Rotarians:  We did not have any guests today.   We had fourteen Rotarians participate in our meeting today.


  • President Andy announced we will have a Board Zoom meeting on July 14 at 5:30p
  • Steve reminded us today is National Sugar Cookie Day
  • Jane did some final cleanup for the new club Roster.  Gary promised to get the new Interact officers so they can be included.  If you have any changes to your information please email Jane so she can get it included in the roster.
  • Our new treasurer is Michael Pigoni and there are at least three folks who will be backing him up. 
  • There was an article in the Journal weekly newspaper with a front page story about the El Cerrito Hillside signs that Rotarian Lee spearheaded in coordination with the Trail Trekkers.  If you have not been on the trail to check this out be sure you do so as soon as possible.  We all owe Rotarian Lee acknowledgements for the great work he did in securing the foundation grant and working with the City of El Cerrito, the Trail Trekkers and getting his fellow Rotarians and Interact members to assist in this endeavor.  GREAT JOB!!!!!

Sgt at Arms:  Not on duty today


Happy Dollars:   We had some happy dollar participation today.  Mark Figone is happy about the number of fishing trips he has scheduled which he and his son will enjoy.  Mark’s son is going off to college this fall so they can have some quality time while catching fish at some beautiful and interesting locations. 

Jane is happy her son is engaged and returning to the bay area with the anticipation of his marriage not too far away both from a time and location standpoint.   Every member was reminded that we are to keep our happy dollars in an envelope and when we return to the BCC for meetings we can turn those in to the treasurer for depositing into our Rotary bank account.

Today’s Program:  Today was President Andy’s first official meeting so he was officially inducted and he took over.  We were advised about the new officers being picked for various key positions.  Gary Buffon will pass his job of Bulletin Editor to Rachel.  Gary has been the editor since 2001 when he took over for long time member Verne Odlin.  Verne did the bulletin when it was typed and they copied and mailed to each Rotarian.  I remember helping Verne and it was a lot clerical of work each week.  Gary will also depart his role in maintaining our club website and President Andy said he will negotiate with Rachel to spear head this effort from now on.  Past President Terry will work with Gary to hand off the Interact Club advisory position which Gary has done since 2002 when the club was founded at El Cerrito High School. 

Andy also talked about he goal of having monthly themes for speakers.  In addition he wants to set up annual awards for the Interact club.  Stay tuned as he puts these things into practice.  It is wonderful to have a President with a background clear back to being a Rotary Exchange student in Mexico.  He has a lot of experience and some great plans.  Be ready to step up and assist in any way you can.  One of the things that was brought up repeatedly in today’s meeting was the need for a summer/fall fundraiser.  We must get started on that immeditally.  If you have thoughts about what we might do jot them down and voice them at our next meeting.   A Rotary club is a participation activity.  Be sure you are active in all these things going on.  Please reach out to me if you want further explanation or have questions.  It has been a joy serving you and my fellow club members all these years.  I joined in 1987 and have loved being an El Cerrito Rotarian ever since that first day.

Todays Raffle:  This portion of our meetings will return with new and interesting things when our meetings return to the Berkeley Country Club.

Thought for the Day:   Our club is involved in a significant transformation and we have the opportunity to make a lot of wonderful things take place.  Choose what you want to be involved in and JUMP in and make things happen.  I was looking through some of the Rotary Club’s history and discovered just how wonderful it is and how much we want to move forward under Andy’s guidance.  Everyone get on board.