Weekly El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for August 27, 2020

El Cerrito Rotary – The Wheel

Editor:  Gary Buffon


President Andy:  Opened the Zoom meeting by greeting us all and provided a thought for today.  There had been a club board meeting immediately before our main gathering.  We were briefed by our DG on key aspects of this year and some of the obstacle we are facing


Guests & Visiting Rotarians:  In addition to our District Governor Mark Roberts of the La Morinda Sunrise club, we also had Anna Hochennie, a former Roteract member visit us.  Anna currenly works at UC Berkeley.  She was welcomed by everyone.  Good to have her with us today.


  • Gabe thanked our Treasurer Michael Pigoni for his service during this time of California Fires.  Michael told us about the fire engine and team that is currently on loan to aid in the fighting of the fires.
  • President Andy is going to absent next Thursday because he has a relative getting married in his hometown of Spokane WA.  We will think good thoughts for you and the family!!

Sgt at Arms:  Was available but did not do an official session today.

.Happy Dollars:  Jane is looking forward to her Golden Anniversary celebration this weekend at Laura’s restaurant. She will give us a report on the facility as we need to have our President’s demotion dinner. Jack is happy that his Napa property is ok and wanted everyone to know.  Terry is happy his kids are now getting schooled in a “pod” not far from his house.   Terry is happy the kids are out of the house which frees up Terry for time to be in his office   All in all the Rotarians were in good order.

Today’s Program:   Andy introduced our speaker District Governor Mark Roberts to deliver his official presentation to our club.  Mark told us about his path to the DG position where he began as an Interact Member in La Morinda, a club sponsored by La Morinda Sunrise.  This gave him a strong sense of the way Rotary connects with different organizations to provide multifacited service to others.  Mark went on to join Rotary and has moved up to the top leadership office in our district. 

Mark began his presentation by sharing the Rotary and District goals with us.  The number one goal is growing Rotary membership.  The pandemic situation has put the emphasis on the various ways Rotary goes about completing tasks to accomplish the goals..  One of the more interesting areas that our district is involved in is Emergenty Response.  Over the past couple of years there have been some significant disasters.  Some of these includes fires that have wiped out entire cities (think Paradise) and brought about significant efforts to restore and rebuild after these devastating wilf fires.  Our club was involved in securing a Rotary Grant to replant several thousand trees from one of the fires.  This program was done jointly with the Berkeley Rotary club to replaced the lost infrastructure has now been replaced with several thousand trees.  This project was spear headed by our immedoate Past President Marty Kaliski. 

DG Mark thanked everyone for their efforts and then told us about the Emergency Response project he and his team are working on.  Also in the Dec there will be a vitual fall seminar (aka Zoom) event in which we can participate.  There are also plans for a in person District Conference in Jan or Feb.  DG Mark closed his session by answereing a number of great questions.  This was very good meeting and I hope you were able to participate.

Thought for the Day:    A number of us Rotarians have been involved in Rotary and I often find myself wondering about some of the “magical” things that make Rotary so wonderful and effective.  Simple answer:  THE PEOPLE.  I often think of the life changing event when I was ten years old and made a presentation to the Susanville, CA Rotary club.  I was in 4H and talk about being out of my comfort zone.  One of my most prized memories is reinforced by a picture on my office of doing that presentation.  I was pleased to have shown this photograph when I was inducted in the El Cerrito Rotary Club in 1987.