Weekly El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for Sept 17, 2020

 El Cerrito Rotary -The Wheel

September 17, 2020

Editor:  Gary Buffon


President Andy opened the Zoom meeting by greeting us all and provided a thought for today with a quote.  We had eighteen people on the zoom program today.

Guests & Visiting Rotarians:  Andy had two guests today, his sister Laurie and his Mother Marji Brown both of these family members were able to participate via zoom and enjoy our guest speaker, who was speaking to us from Wyoming state,.  Our guest speaker Dan Tomasma is an author and historian who has written many books and done presentations about the Lewis and Clark’s expedition and the huge role that Sacagawea played in the success to these famous explorers.


  • Michael Pigonni provided us an update on the 26 fires currently active in Calif and gave some particulars regarding the particulars on the ongoing fight to knock these fires down.  Chief Pigonni told us about the two fire engines along with the teams that go with the engines working on various fires.     

Sgt at Arms:  

Happy Dollars:  Gary is happy to have his two mantel clocks back at home after a major overhaul on each one.  Both clocks are in their second decade of operations in the Buffon/Grigsby households.  Jack has finished writing his autobiography and has provided it to a publisher in hopes it will get done by Christmas.  Andy is happy his business has rebounded after the California fires that have raged on during the past month have lessened. 

Today’s Program:   

Andy was able to get Dan Tomasma to join us today so he could tell us about the books he has authored on Merriweather Lewis and Capt William Clark who were sent on the Lewis and Clark expedition by President Thomas Jefferson starting in 1803.  Dan has been a teacher since 1953 but has now retired and still lives in Jackson Hole Wyoming. He is the proud author of a number of books that people who do home schooling use to support their early American studies.  Sacagawea is credited for a number of heroic efforts during the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  Many would argue that without her we would not be having any discussions or realized the amazing results that the expedition achieved.  I find this presentation very appealing because our young people have very little understanding off our country’s history in the early 1800s.  Today Dan spent his presentation time telling us about some of the more interesting things about the Lewis and Clark expedition, especially with regard to Sacagawea and the critical roles she played in the expedition. The expedition began in Mar 1 and was completed in1824.  There is some dispute when Sacagawea died but Dan believes it was when she was 25 years old.  Dan lives in Wyoming and has a publisher in Jackson Hole Wy.  If you want to check out his books visit the Grandview Publishing website and find out more.  This was one of the ten best presentations I have been exposed to in El Cerrito Rotary.  Thanks to Andy for arranging this presentation..  Great Job!!

Thought for the Day:    

Be sure you spend every day in some positive way and do at least one thing for others.