Al Featherstone – Pastor of Christian Home Baptist Church in Richmond

March 13, 2014

Pastor Al Featherstone - RichmondIn today’s program Jack introduced Al Featherstone – Pastor of Christian Home Baptist Church in Richmond.  After the introduction Al gave the chronology of his life which involved a Father who did not marry his Mother, being raised by a caring uncle and aunt and how things got off track when he graduated high school and took to drugs, drinking and gambling.

This resulted in him spending the years 17 to 34 being in jail and prison.  At 35 Al decided to change his life. He became involved in Christian church work where he began running the IMPACT (incarcerated men putting away criminal things) program that does training class at San Quinton prison.  This is a program with multiple modules each being 18 lessons in length that is conducted once a week.  The modules are a building block process that teaches the men how to cope with the numerous challenges they face.  He pointed out the many challenges from men who have not been socialized to the lack of a Father figure when growing up.  In the class the participants have to address accountability, integrity, and responsibility as well as ethics, the power of attitude, thought and self talk.

Pastor Al closed with the biggest challenge that exists to release prisoners – Re-entry into the work force.  Bottom line is we must find more effective way to take advantage of the resources these men provide so we insure they are able to get employment so they can become productive.  Thanks Jack for bringing Pastor Featherstone to speak to us.