El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for Mar 16, 2017

El Cerrito Rotary

The Wheel

March 16, 2017

Editor:  Gary Buffon




President Kanti welcomed everyone to the friendly El Cerrito Rotary Club and the pledge was led by Sarah.  Kanti provided the thought for today.


Guests and visiting Rotarians:   

Guests today included Jorge Trilla, Albany Club President Ann Chaney and Pinole Club President Janie Cepernich. Jim Spain had a guest (from Sunset View).  We had two guests brought by Tracy (Rita and Deangela). 




  • Dollar Day Success – Steve summarized the activities and handed out gold stars to everyone who help out. $140 dollars in trip were received.
  • Kanti reminded us of the Dist conference next weekend in Berkeley


Happy Dollars: 

Tracy’s guests were happy to be her.  Al had $5 for Tracy’s guests.  Sal is happy to have bumped into his fellow Rotarians last Sunday at the GGF concession booth.  Jack is happy about the guests that Rotarians brought to Rotary.  Terry is happy about St Patrick’s Day and the center pieces Sarah placed on the table.  Jan is happy about the GGF day and her son helping us.  He is a great young man.  Don is happy about the trading in of their 19 year old Honda and replacing it with a new Mazda.  Mark Scott had a happy poem shared.  Joe Yang had $100 for his new baby girl (Josephine).  Jorge is happy that we did not do a background check before we accepted him for membership in El Cerrito Rotary.



Sgt at Arms Sil:  Did recognitions on our knowledge of St Patrick’s day.  Lots of funds and more understanding fo St Patrick who was born in 385. 


Special Recognition:

Joe Yang was told about the club tradition about recognizing new parents and Jack explained what would be happening.  A hat was passed so we could all contribute to Josephine’s PHF and the club will match the amount collected.  Since $540 was collected this will result in a PHF for Josephine.  Nice El Cerrito Rotary tradition!!



Today’s Program

Sonya introduced our speaker, Susan Grant to speak to us today.  Susan and her husband had a company called Senior Helpers that offers services to people that need help in their own homes so they can remain where they are most comfortable.   We were treated to Susan’s explanation of how Senior Helpers works and how they provide their services, along with the training the staff is provided.  The company has some 100 team members who serve their customer.  Then Susan gave us a verbal depiction of how the brain supports our bodies.  She provided some interesting data such as about 5 million people suffer from Alzheimer’s in the US.


Susan then shared portions of a video and then answered questions about a number of interesting aspects of this key topic of our society.   We all came away with a better understanding of the parameter of Alzheimer’s and dementia (which are not the same).  I hope you were in attendance for this excellent and fascinating presentation. Thanks to Sonya for inviting Susan to out club.


Raffle Winner:   Mark Scott had his ticket pulled for the bottle of Vodka.  Michael Chang had his ticket pulled to choose a marble and drew catseye.   Next week the jackpot will be $85. 


Thought for the week:

If you have a dollar and I have a dollar and we exchange dollars you and I still have one dollar.  If you and I exchange an idea, we

Weekly El Cerrito Rotary Bulletin for March 2, 2017

  El Cerrito Rotary -The Wheel

March 2, 2017

Editor:  Gary Buffon



 President Kanti welcomed everyone to the friendly El Cerrito Rotary Club and the pledge was led by President Elect Terry and Gary provided the thought for today.

Guests and visiting Rotarians:   

Holly Smith President of Hercules Rotary and Richard (did not get last name spelled correctly) from Michigan (a guest of Sal).  Don had guest Jorge Trilla.  We had guests from the El Cerrito Library foundation:  Gary Pokorny, Al Miller and Tom Panas.  Also there were guests from the Student Activities Foundation including Cathy Garza, Leander Johnson and Suzane and Lorrie who last names I did not get written down.


  • Jack said there will be a website training for those that want to update the website. The sessions will be after Pres Elect Terry returns from PETS
  • Sarah reported there will be a work party at the ECHS garden
  • Holly Smith of Hercules announced their fund raiser, a pasta feed in early March
  • Lee reminded us of the GGF fund raiser where we run a beer and hotdog booth at the races on March 12. Also, there will be a “outing day” at the El Cerrito Trail Trekker sit at which Rotarians will be able to walk the trails.


Happy Dollars: 

Richard, Sal’s guest, is happy to be here today.  Jack is happy that Kaiser offers a program for Senior Advantage members by funding a gym membership.  Mark Figone is happy that Baseball season is starting soon.  Lee is happy that Richard visited us from Michigan.  Holly is happy for her grandson, husband’s birthday.  Jane is happy Mar is her birthday month and she will be 70 this year, Terry is happy to be going to PETS.  Jan is happy for Jane’s birthday month.  Gary is happy for Jane’s birthday.  Sarah is happy for garden work at ECHS.  Jim Spain is happy for Lee’s painting clothes.  Larry lhad 100 peso note and gave that to the box.  Al Miller is happy for the Earth Day work scheduled for Apr 22.  Tom Panas is happy to be here today. 

 Sgt at Arms Sil: Not on duty today

 Today’s Program

President Kanti invited Sonya, Chair of the Sip and Savor committee to come forward to conduct the celebration ceremony for giving the checks to benefactors of the proceeds from the event.

A picture was taken with each of the recipient’s being presented their $10000 checks.  

Sonya flanked by Library Foundation (left) and the Student Advisory Fund 

Al Miller provided remarks and a summary of what is happening with the library foundation now that the bond issue was voted down.  He also provided a Q&A session during which there was a number of things discussed


Cathy Garza provided remarks and a summary of how the SAF distributes the funds to use at ECHS.  This is a valuable program at the school to get funding to clubs and programs that need money to succeed.


Raffle Winner:   Sil had his ticket pulled for the bottle of Champaign .  Sarah had her ticket pulled to choose a marble and drew a cat’s eye.   Next week the jackpot will be $75. 

Thought for the week:

The reaction to the situation is always more important than the situation.  Always turn dead mice into diamonds.

Bulletin for Feb 23, 2017

El Cerrito Rotary – The Wheel

Editor:  Gary Buffon


 President Kanti welcomed everyone to the friendly El Cerrito Rotary Club and the pledge was led by Jim Spain and Kanti provided the thought for today.

Guests and visiting Rotarians:   

Don had his wife Mary along with Jorge Trilla who is going to rejoin our Rotary Club. 


  • Kanti reminded us of the TGIFF BARSHEEP event is Friday at Salute’s at 1900 Esplanade in Richmond.
  • Jan gave us the latest info on providing her with speaker information. Once you check the date with Jan and get the date certain, she will send you an email so you can provide her with the name of the speaker, the date, topic and bio of the speaker and email that back to her.  She will then give the info to Gary to be placed on the website. 
  • Lee reported the results of the meeting at Kanti’s house last Sunday. The decision was made to support the signage project for the East Bay Trekkers paths in El Cerrito.   The board of directors pass the selection and now Lee will put together the grant request for the District.  There will be a festival on May 21st put on by the Trekkers and we will be a part of the activities.

Happy Dollars: 

Sarah is happy the ECHS is supporting the work at their garden by providing the assistance of a Master Gardner so she and Sarah can create school programs for the garden.  Tracy is happy that Jorge is coming back to El Cerrito Rotary.  Jorge was President of the club in 85-86.  Sil had $10 for Jorge returning.  Marty is happy to be going to Florida on a business/personal trip.  Jack is happy for being a panelist for the Historical Society and the memories he enjoyed.  Mark Scott is happy for his upcoming trip to Mexico and for his 4 year old nephew giving the cat a haircut and now the cat looks like a Chihuahua.  Nobuko is happy because she brought sunshine to us from Hawaii.  Jim is concerned because the Sgt at Arms is happy.  Don is happy for Jorge returning and for Kanti and Jack.   Jorge had $5 for his returning.  Lee is happy for the Historical Society and for a dinner with his family at Wood Tavern in Oakland. Jan is happy for the TGIFF on Friday being a sendoff for PETS for the all the president elect’s in our area.  Terry is happy for the meeting at Kanti’s home.  Al is happy because of the speaker we have today.

 Sgt at Arms Sil: Not on duty today

Today’s Program:   Suzanne Iara was introduced by Al.  Tom Panas accompanied Suzanne today.  Suzanne was on hand to give us information on the El Cerrito Centennial celebration.  There will be a number of activities that will be offered for us to celebrate this important.  There will be a number of activities leading up to September when the final celebration will be held at Cerrito Vista Park.  For more information visit www.elcerrito100.org  The date for the celebration is September 16th.  Keep up on the various things that are happening.  Remember this is a 100 year celebration and we none of reading this will see the next one. 

The city will be putting out a call for support for the events.  Check them out and do your part to be an asset for this celebration. 

During the Q&A there was a question about the parade that is being set up.  President Elect Terry wants to make sure the El Cerrito Rotary Club participates in this parade.  Sounds like a lot of fun.

Raffle Winner:   Jorge had his ticket pulled for the bottle of scotch.  Michael had his ticket pulled to choose a marble and drew a cat’s eye.   Next week the jackpot will be $70. 


Genie Stone winner:  Mark Scott


Thought for the week:

Truth is eternal.  Knowledge is changeable.  It is disastrous to confuse them.

5160 District Governor Pam Gray Visits EC Rotary (Photos!)

We had an exceptional turn out for DG Pam Gray’s visit to our Club on January 15, 2015. Joining us were members of the EC Library Foundation, ECHS Interact Club members, Inner Wheel Club members and other Rotarians and Rotary friends. While it appears President Mark Scott is making a thumbs down gesture…I think the camera merely caught him a moment too late as he lowered his hand from a “thumbs up”!

DG Pam Grey Visit

Photo Credit: Allen Cain

Here are the women of the Inner Wheel Club. Most of the members are wives of Rotarians and a few of their friends. Origins of the Inner Wheel goes back to pre-1980’s when Rotary was a men’s-only club. Inner Wheel is a service club with their own local and international projects and annual international convention. They shared with us their work providing prosthetics to young children and youth who are missing an arm or a leg.

Inner Wheel El Cerrito
Several recognitions were presented and received. DG Pam Grey (far right) recognized 4 members of our Club Marty, Gary B., Frank and Jane as “True Rotarians.”
True Rotarians of El Cerrito

Last but not least, we presented the EC Library Foundation with our largest donation of the year. Frankly, their enthusiastic envolvement helped our annual “Sip and Savor” event grow and a major portion of the proceeds returns to them as a donation towards the NEW El Cerrito Library. Pictured are EC Rotarians and members of the EC Library Foundation.


Stay tuned for when we do this again next year…and as always a bit bigger and better!

Interact 2015


Big shout out to our EC Rotary Interact! In attendance were President Mark Scott, Interact Student Marin Steward, DG Pam Gray and Interact Student Julia Phalen.

Sasha (Sam) Genirbert, a Holocaust survivor & Author of Among the Enemy (Hiding in Plain Sight in Nazi Germany)

Sasha Sam GenirbergFor our Rotary Club Program this week, Nancy introduced Sasha (Sam) Genirbert, a Holocaust survivor who wrote his story of how as a Jewish youth from Ukraine he evaded death during the Holocaust in WWII Nazi Germany. Sam began by telling us he had recorded seven hours of information that he used to prepare to write his book and with the twenty minutes he had to present to us it would be quite a challenge. He was an amazing presenter as he packed a lot of information into the time. We heard the story of the extermination of Jews in his hometown near Dubno Poland and the painful decision he had to make to escape from the Ghetto there in order to survive. This was in the spring of 1942 and that was the beginning of his challenges and life-threatening experiences. In Sept of 1942 Sam boarded a train with his new name Andre Trag and papers to head for Germany to work as a conscript. He survived for three years in Nazi Germany by running away from jobs and many life-challenging experiences. Things he call his “miracles” because without the miracle he would have been found out and killed. Sam was ultimately liberated by the British in 1945 and lived to write his book: Among the Enemy (Hiding in Plain Sight in Nazi Germany).

He brought several copies of his book and they all sold out quickly. The club bought one and we put a book plate in it and it will be presented to the ECHS library. If you have a desire to own Sam’s book it is available on Amazon (link above) and strongly recommended for anyone who has an interest in that era of history.

We will ask Sam to return and present more of his story. What a courageous man and someone to be admired. Thanks Nancy for having him visit our club

Al Featherstone – Pastor of Christian Home Baptist Church in Richmond

March 13, 2014

Pastor Al Featherstone - RichmondIn today’s program Jack introduced Al Featherstone – Pastor of Christian Home Baptist Church in Richmond.  After the introduction Al gave the chronology of his life which involved a Father who did not marry his Mother, being raised by a caring uncle and aunt and how things got off track when he graduated high school and took to drugs, drinking and gambling.

This resulted in him spending the years 17 to 34 being in jail and prison.  At 35 Al decided to change his life. He became involved in Christian church work where he began running the IMPACT (incarcerated men putting away criminal things) program that does training class at San Quinton prison.  This is a program with multiple modules each being 18 lessons in length that is conducted once a week.  The modules are a building block process that teaches the men how to cope with the numerous challenges they face.  He pointed out the many challenges from men who have not been socialized to the lack of a Father figure when growing up.  In the class the participants have to address accountability, integrity, and responsibility as well as ethics, the power of attitude, thought and self talk.

Pastor Al closed with the biggest challenge that exists to release prisoners – Re-entry into the work force.  Bottom line is we must find more effective way to take advantage of the resources these men provide so we insure they are able to get employment so they can become productive.  Thanks Jack for bringing Pastor Featherstone to speak to us.

Speaker Stephen Pree, El Cerrito Environmental Programs Manager and City Arborist

President Frank welcomed everyone to the friendly El Cerrito Rotary Club, the flag salute was led by Gary B and the thought for the day was provided by Frank.

Introduction of Visiting Rotarians and Guests:

Interact members Josh Ko, Elia Chuaqui and Kenyatta Marceleous. Rotarian Dene Kinball from Springfield, Mass,  Nicole Jones with the El Cerrito Patch, Rebecca Kates guest of Tracy and her acupuncturist.  Visiting Rotarian Fred Collignon of Berkeley.


  • Pres Frank sent around a visitation list for those who can go visit Ilhami.
  • The District Gov visit has been postponed for Feb 27th from next Week  Not change on speaking schedule
  • Rotarian Fred Collignon has been chosen for District Governor in 2016-17

Happy Dollars:

Nancy is happy about her new iPad and told us the story of it being purchased.  Mark is happy about the Supermixer held by the West County Chambers, Jack is also happy about that as he did some membership prospecting at the event.  Sal is happy he found a $ to contribute.  Aroon is happy about the supermixer and having a booth at the event.  Don is happy about the Interact President and two others being here today.  Gary is $20 happy about a phone call he received from a long time friend with great news about his wife on the list to get a liver transplant.  Sonya is happy about the supermixer and how many El Cerrito Chamber members were there.  Allen is happy about taking his raft out into the bay and also about Michael being such a good treasurer.  Tracy is happy about the state grant for 50K that was awarded to the performing arts program at ECHS.  Visiting Rotarian Dene Kimball is happy to meet the Interact members as his grandsons attend the school. Turns out that Josh and Dene’s grandson are both in the ECHS band.  Visiting Rotarian Fred is happy about having a great Christmas with his family.

Special Presentation:

Interact President Elia made the presentation soliciting a sponsorship from the Rotary for the annual Black and White dance.  Elia – Good presentation – Good result.

Today’s Program:

Karen introduced Stephen Pree, El Cerrito City Arborist along with Sonali Shah for a presentation focused on a new program which is being considered for El Cerrito entitled “Investing from the ground up campaign.”  Stephen gave us some background on how he became involved and employed as the city arborist. Stephen is a certified arborist who has that title as part of a overall responsibility as Environmental Programs Manager.  We heard a lot of great information about trees and their importance and how there is a need for a better overall understanding of trees, their role in the city’s value and the great need for trees to be better cared for and understood.  It turns out that a large number of trees are pruned improperly which causes damage and sometimes kills them.

Stephen then shifted into outlining a project/program that is underway which is the “Invest from the ground up campaign.”  The project is currently underway in five cities in Calif ranging from North Hollywood, Santee to Albany.  Sonali took the mic and explained how this program works and that the purpose of the presentation today was to make us aware of the program and to solicit involvement from organizations for an event here in El Cerrito.  After the presentation there were many questions and we will be made aware of the next steps in the project in case we want to send a representative to the informational event at the city.

Thank you Karen for having Stephen and Sonali make the presentation to us.

Today’s Lottery Winners:

Mark S won the bottle of wine.  Michael had his ticket pulled for the marble game and selected a catseye marble.   Next week the pot will be $115.

Thought for the Week

In everything the ends well defined are the secret of durable success.
–Victor Cousins



Gary Buffon Growing up in the Northern Ca High Desert where his Father worked for the Southern Pacific Railroad

Editor:  Gary Buffon
Week of October 17, 2013

President Jane welcomed everyone to the friendly El Cerrito Rotary Club, the flag salute was led by Jack and the thought for the day was provided by Kathleen.

Lee standing in for Secretary John – Introduction of Visiting Rotarians and Guests:  Fred Collignan – Asst Dist Gov from the Berkeley Club.  Rotarian Richard from the Laveneria Michigan club.  Guest of Mark Scott’s Ron Huey.  Norma Buffon wife and guest of Gary Buffon.


  • Nancy announced the Mechanics Bank mixer next Thursday (the 24th) at her branch in El Cerrito.  Everyone invited – Rotarians go and meet potential new members
  • Tracy announced the firefighters are serving the meals at Macaroni Grill as part of the toy drive fund raising.  Go find out how that works.
  • Nobuko reminded us that November is foundation month.  She passed around a sheet which shows status of how close you are to a PHF.  This may be the time when you can achieve that goal.
  • Gary B ask for some help this Sat with the Interact fund raising project.  He needs on Rotarian to show up for about an hour from 9a to 10a on the 19th.  The Interact members are painting the house numbers on the street locations.  If you can do this, please contact Gary B and he will provide you with the location and directions.  It is in El Sobrante.  It is a Richmond address off the Dam road.
  • Lee gave us some tips on seeking guests to bring to our meetings.  Given that our club needs new members, be sure you commit to bringing a guest in the next few meetings.  We always have great speakers so you can be sure your guest will enjoy the “friendly El Cerrito Rotary club.”
  • Karen gave a quick summary of our successful wine tasting event.  There will be a full accounting of the specific results at a future meeting.  Karen thanked everyone who worked and participated.


Happy Dollars:

1)     Marty had $5 for his great trip to Turkey.  He plans on giving us a program on the trip in the near future.

2)     Sal’s guest Richard gave a happy dollar for being able to visit our club

3)     Jack is happy about the great champagne wines from Weibel.

4)     Mark Scott is happy he had Ron as his guest today

5)     Terry is happy but my scribbling on the notes were unclear of the reason

6)     Fred is happy for the major Rotaract event he was involved in

7)     Paul K is happy for his son being over having his tonsils removed

8)     Allen is happy $5 for not getting a parking ticket in Berkeley.

9)     Karen is happy that Allen loaned her a car so she could do here wine tasting running around after her car died

Sgt at Arms Steve:

Did Al Capone trivia which in all the trivia games, we all end up paying to Sgt.

Today’s Program:

Gary B gave a presentation about his growing up in the Northern Ca high desert where his Father worked for the Southern Pacific Railroad. Gary opened his presentation by asking if anyone in the room had attended a school with less than ten students.Nobody had, except Gary. From there he gave a description of the region of the Lassen Co where he grew up. 

In addition, he shared some specifics of the small village of Ravendale back in the late 40’s and early 50’s. Gary’s father was a “gandy dancer” (maintenance worker) for the Southern Pacific Railroad on the Modoc line. This line ran from Ely NV and ran North through Lassen and Modoc counties and in Oregon to Klamath Falls. We saw pictures of two of the main steam engines serving on the line in that era. Also presented were pictures of the locations and terrain along with some personal stories of the experience of living there. 

It was apparent that a number of Rotarians were not familiar with the region or the environment. Gary identified the key things he learned as a youngster and how that influenced him in becoming a successful adult. Everyone seemed to enjoy the presentation. Thanks to Jim Shepherd for asking Gary to do this presentation for the club.

Today’s Lottery Winners:


Mark Scott won the bottle of wine. Michael C had his ticket pulled for the marble game and selected a catseye. Next week the pot will be $70.

Thought for the Week:

The great lesson is that the sacred is in the ordinary, that it is to be found in one’s daily life, in one’s neighbors, friends and family, in one’s backyard.
Abraham Maslow

Ezra Herzog, Affordable Care Act

Don Farquharson Editor:  Gary Buffon
Week of September 12, 2013

President Jim welcomed everyone to the friendly El Cerrito Rotary Club, the flag salute was led by Allen and the thought for the day was provided by Gary B.

Upcoming Club speakers and Board meetings schedule:

  • Rotary Club Board Meeting Sept 17 – please RSVP to President Jim regarding your attendance and agenda items
  • Sept 19 – Linda Yuan and Josh Ko EC Interact members will tell us about their Camp Royal experience
  • Sept 26 – Fellowship day
  •  Oct 3 – Gary Buffon – Growing Up in the High Desert

Special Presentation:  Don was asked to come forward and President Jim presented him with a special award recognizing him for providing excellent work as the club controller for the past six years.  Don was given a standing ovation by his fellow Rotarians.


  • Karen gave us a status update on the posters MDA provided for our PR efforts for the wine tasting.  She held one of the great posters provided for us to see. The last day to sign up as an event sponsor is Sept. 19th, next week.
  • Gary B announced that Interact club will be hosting the Interact District Conference in Nov either the 9th or 10th or 17th at El Cerrito High School.  More info in a week or so
  • Nancy announced the Mechanics Bank in El Cerrito will be holding a mixer on Oct 24th

Happy Dollars:

Karen NierlichLee is happy for the America’s Cup races being shown on a theater screen in Alameda and entry is free.  Sal is happy about the Solano Stroll and thanked Allen for the great venue.  Sal gave us a brief review of what the Rotary booths were doing.  Marty is happy that his shop was painted by Gateview Painting.  Nobuko is happy that Lee responded to her phone call for help by making a house call when her cat got ill.

Jack is happy that when he visited all of the BARSHEEP club that everyone had praise for the ECHS Interact Club we sponsor.  John is happy he was taken to Cal Bears football game by his kids and had a good time.  Michael is happy his house remodel is underway and it is being done by Collins Construction which is owned by Larry Sanchez. Tracy is happy about the praise that Mark and Cindi Scott receive from the RotoCare folks for the great dinner they were provided.

Sgt at Arms Steve:

Being short of time today Steve simply brought two SF Chronicle articles that had Rotarian’s names in them.  We knew who the Rotarians were – Allen Cain and Jon Vicars but we did not know how many times their names were mentioned in the article so that cost us all $5.

Today’s Program:

President Jim introduced Ezra Herzog to speak to us about the Affordable Care Act — also known as Obamacare.  Ezra provided us a summary of the impact that the new law will have on both individual health coverage as well as business coverage. Some of the major changes are that the actuarial table will nolonger be used  and people who are uninsurable now will be able to buy coverage. Another difference is that all are required to buy coverage, so after the enrollment period, those without coverage will face penalties. However there are new subsidies and support for those with lower incomes to either cover them or pay part of their coverage. As today, those in companies with 50 or more employees are covered by their employers. He gave us info on the California Exchange, called Covered California and how it may work. Thanks Ezra for speaking to us today.

Today’s Lottery Winners:

Don had his ticket drawn and won the bottle of wine.  Jack had his ticket pulled for the marble drawing and selected the golden marble willing the $75 pot.  Next week the pot will be $50.

Thought for the Week:

The penalty of success is to be bored by the attentions of people who formerly snubbed you.
-M. W. Little

Maureen Dixon – Site Coordinator – Writer Coach Connection program at El Cerrito High

Editor:  Gary Buffon
Week of September 5, 2013

Acting President Kathleen welcomed everyone to the friendly El Cerrito Rotary Club, the flag salute was led by Sonja and the thought for the day was provided by Kathleen.

Upcoming Club speakers and Board meetings schedule:

  • Sept 12 – Erza Herzog – Medical Insurance issues
  • Rotary Club Board Meeting Sept 17 – please RSVP to President Jim regarding your attendance and agenda items
  • Sept 19 – Linda Yuan and Josh Ko EC Interact members will tell us about their Camp Royal experience
  • Sept 26 – Fellowship day
  • Oct 3 – Gary Buffon – growing up in the high desert


  • Solano Stroll activities this Sunday:  Two places for Rotarians to be include the BARSHEEP booth and the Rob Roy Canoe selling booth.  The Interact club is providing volunteers to help us cover the event.
  • Fund raising report by Karen.  Keep selling your tickets.  Sponsorships are available through Sept 19th.

Happy Dollars: 

Kathleen is happy to be going to her first professional ball game (an A’s game).  Tracy is happy that Nancy was able to help one of her clients with a trust for their parent who had passed away.  Mark Scott is happy about the three week trip he took with Cindi and Jack and Carol Freethy.  They visited three Presidential libraries:  Hoover, Eisenhower and Lincoln.  Jack had $10 to express his happiness about the trip.  Marty is happy his trip to Turkey is coming up in less then three weeks.

Sgt at Arms Steve:   Recognized Anniversaries for Karen, Mark Scott and Frank S.  Birthday recognitions were for John Hoagland (#75), Nancy and Tracy.

Today’s Program:

Jim Shepherd introduced today’s speaker Maureen Dixon who is the site coordinator for the Writers Coach Connection program at El Cerrito High.  Accompanying Maureen was Tom Waller who is a fellow Rotarian (Richmond club) and board member for the Writers Coach Connection (WCC).   Maureen began her presentation by giving us an overview of the work being done by WCC.  The organization currently has 660 coaches around the East Bay that serve public schools in providing writing coaches to English classes.  Maureen asked Tom to show us the video of the coaching program.  In it we learned about the experiences and results that come to both the coaches and students.  One of the best part of this process is it is such a win-win as the both the coach and the student win.  In addition to a very positive outcome there are documented results of the effectiveness of this program.  An added benefit of the program is the overall positive impact of adults who learn more about working with students and the students who understand their importance to adults.  After the video, Maureen gave us some specifics about the results of this program and encouraged us to consider becoming a writing coach.   This is a great program that allows adults to make a difference with young people while learning more about what motivates young people.

Maureen spent about 15 minutes answering a number of questions.  What an excellent presentation!!

Today’s Lottery Winners:  Sal had his ticket drawn and won the bottle of wine.  Jack had his ticket pulled for the marble drawing and selected a cats eye marble.  Next week the pot will be $75.

Thought for the Week: 

Men’s best successes come after their disappointments.
Henry Ward Beecher