This is the annual fund raising event used to garner revenue for the El Cerrito Rotary Club

July 11, 2019 – Memorial Bench Presentation – Cerrito Vista Park

This is another of the celebrations opportunities for our Rotary Club.  A memorial Bench is being installed at Cerrito Vista to honor our fallen Rotarians and it will be unveiled on July 11th.  This function will be held about 11:15 am on July 11th at Cerrito Vista Park.  After the presentation Rotarians and guests will go to Berkeley Country Club for lunch and continuation of the celebration.  Be sure you attend both the unveiling and lunch celebration.  We are inviting a number of guests to be present.   Do your best to attend this celebration!!

May 16th – Anniversary followup – No guest speaker but lots of planning

The club leadership determined that it would be beneficial to take advantage of this opportunity to focus on the Sip and Savor plans and to review assignments.  Be sure and attend and provide you expertise for this important meeting.  See everyone there. 

May 2, 2019 – 70th Anniversary Celebration for El Cerrito Rotary

President Terry and Sonya are setting up a wonderful celebration for our club birthday.  Be sure you plan on attending.  

You may hear about some of our club’s forefathers.  Many remember Charlie Weaver, some remember my sponsor Ed Canepa who headed up our annual pancake breakfast each year.  Not as many will remember Joe Conwill’s dad Fred who was one of the charter members.  One of my proud pieces of the club’s history is my signed club roster that has many of the signatures of these Rotarians.

Be sure you join us for this event and celebrate El Cerrito Rotary.

January 31, 2019 – Sip and Savor Beneficiary presentation to Milo Foundation

This is one of the highlights of the year, we will be making a presentation to the Milo Foundation as a beneficiary of our annual fund raising Sip and Savor Event.  Please join us for this experience where the leaders of Milo will tell us about their efforts and plans for this year.  Come and enjoy the results of our community service activities.  You can enjoy lunch and the spirit of Rotary giving.

Lunch begins at 12:15p.

January 24, 2019 – Sip and Savor Beneficiary Presentation to CCCT & Dist Governor Visit

This is one of our favorite things, when we present a check to a beneficiary of our annual fund raising Sip and Savor Event.  Our presentation this time will be to the CCCT (Contra Costa Civic Theater.)  This event is being held at our weekly meeting of Jan 24th.  Be sure and come and enjoy meeting members of the CCCT and hear them tell us about their plans for the new year.  We hope you have the opportunity to attend.   The meeting starts at 12:15p on the 24th.  See you there.  Also we have our District Governor, Jon Dwyer making his official visit to our club.  A great fun filled meeting!!

Cerrito Vista – Sip and Savor Annual Fund Raiser – Oct 7, 2018 2:30p to 5:30p

This annual event is a great way to have the wonderful environment of the Berkeley Country Club in which to enjoy music, food and drink vendors serving many fine wines, spirits, and food samples.  This creates an atmosphere of one of the greatest fun and fellowship events for our community.  Tickets are available and all you need to do to enjoy one of the most enjoyable events of the year is join us.  

The El Cerrito Rotary Club is known as the friendly club for a very good reason, WE ARE!!  COME AND JOIN IN THE FUN!!

El Cerrito Rotary Millennial Task Force – May 23rd @ 7pm

If you love volunteering, beer gardens plus meeting neighbors the El  Cerrito Millennial Task force is for you.

We’re an offshoot of the Rotary Club that meets once a month for a hand-on community Service project, followed by food and beer at a local beer garden.  All are welcome, but most of us are young professionals between 25-40.  C’mon by and meet the crew.  Our first meeting is May 23rd at McBears Social Club, 10485 San Pablo Ave, El Cerrito.


May 10 2018 – PHF awards and Interact Officer Induction

Today we have a double header of acknowledgement and Rotary fellowship.  We will induct the 2018-19 Interact Club officers and then Marty will hand out the Rotary Foundation recognitions for those who have been awarded Paul Harris Fellowships.  Come and join in the fun and meet the Interact Club leaders who will be running that great club in the new Rotary Year

June 2, 2018 – President Terry Celebration Party

Put on your calendar for June 2nd, a great opportunity for celebration and fellowship to acknowledge President Terry for a great job as our President in 2017-18!
As we all know we have the friendly Rotary club and we know how to have FUN!!  Jane has now recovered from her physical challenges and is setting up a great opportunity for us to all celebrate the end of our Rotary Year and to have MEGA Fun in the process.  There will be more details as we move forward, but for now – SAVE THE DATE!!
           WHO:     All Rotarian’s and guests
          WHAT:   Party time to celebrate what a wonderful job President Terry has done in his year!
          WHEN:   Sat. June 2, 2018, 6:00pm cocktails, 7:30 dinner & program
          WHERE:  Salute Evita Ristorante Marina Bay

MARCH 23, 2018 – TGIFF Mixer 5:30 pm to 7 pm

Come Join us at the TGIFF mixer sponsored by the El Cerrito Rotary Club being held at the Berkeley City Club.