August 24, 2017, Mark Miner – Trail Trekkors in El Cerrito

Mark will be on hand to tell us about the trails and how the Rotary club will be working the Trail Trekkors to get signage installed for these community trails and the importance of them for the community.   Before the presentation, Past District Governor Fred Collignon will make a presentation to our Rotary club of the funding for the signs on the El Cerrito Trails.

Rotary Host:  Lee Prutton

August 31 2017 – Bay Area Rescue Mission – Bridge of Hope – Sherwin Harris

Sherwin Harris from the Bay Area Rescue Mission will come and make a presentation about the Bridge of Hope Center for Homeless Woman and Children.  Come and join us for an update on the services provided by the Bay Area Rescue Mission.               

September 7, 2017 – Presentation by Chris Kubik – MCE Business Development Manager

Chris Kubic Business Development Mgr from Marin Clean Energy will made a presentation to us about their Deep Green Energy program.  Host for Chris is Tracy Giles

September 14, 2017 – Emperor Norton (Bill Hodges)

Bill Hodges does a historical representation of Emporer Norton.  Be sure and attend this event

He dresses up like him and teaches us about this incredibly interesting individual.

Emperor Norton – Joshua Abraham Norton, known as Emperor Norton, was a citizen of San Francisco, California, who in 1859 proclaimed himself “Norton I, Emperor of the United States”. He later expanded his pretense by claiming to be “Protector of Mexico” as well. Wikipedia

Born: 1818, England, United Kingdom

Died: January 8, 1880, San Francisco, CA

Buried: Woodlawn Cemetery, Colma, CA

Parents: Duns Scotus

Known for: Proclaiming himself “Emperor of the United States”


September 21, 2017 – Meg Heincke – Namaste Direct SF

Meg​ ​is​ ​a​ ​graduate​ ​of​ ​Cornell​ ​University​ ​and​ ​spent​ ​the​ ​first​ ​15​ ​years​ ​of​ ​her​ ​career​ ​working​ ​in Napa​ ​in​ ​the​ ​wine​ ​industry.​ ​After​ ​taking​ ​a​ ​few​ ​years​ ​off​ ​to​ ​be​ ​at​ ​home​ ​in​ ​San​ ​Francisco​ ​with​ ​her kids,​ ​she​ ​decided​ ​that​ ​“phase​ ​two”​ ​of​ ​her​ ​career​ ​should​ ​be​ ​something​ ​meaningful,​ ​with​ ​an impact​ ​on​ ​the​ ​greater​ ​good.​ ​She​ ​was​ ​fortunate​ ​to​ ​meet​ ​Bob​ ​Graham​ ​in​ ​2016,​ ​as​ ​he​ ​was​ ​looking for​ ​someone​ ​to​ ​take​ ​the​ ​reins​ ​of​ ​fundraising​ ​for​ ​the​ ​non​ ​profit​ ​that​ ​he​ ​founded,​ ​Namaste​ ​Direct. Meg’s​ ​work​ ​includes​ ​connecting​ ​with​ ​individual​ ​donors,​ ​organizing​ ​fundraising​ ​events,​ ​seeking out​ ​grants​ ​from​ ​foundations​ ​and​ ​business​ ​groups​ ​(such​ ​as​ ​Rotary)​ ​and​ ​leading​ ​the​ ​annual Spring​ ​donor​ ​trip​ ​to​ ​Namaste’s​ ​headquarters​ ​in​ ​Guatemala.​ ​Bringing​ ​donors​ ​into​ ​the​ ​homes​ ​and businesses​ ​of​ ​Namaste’s​ ​clients​ ​is​ ​perhaps​ ​the​ ​most​ ​rewarding​ ​part​ ​of​ ​the​ ​job​ ​-​ ​showing​ ​the impact​ ​that​ ​education​ ​and​ ​a​ ​small​ ​investment​ ​has​ ​on​ ​the​ ​life​ ​of​ ​a​ ​woman​ ​and​ ​her​ ​family​ ​is​ ​a powerful​ ​incentive​ ​to​ ​keep​ ​the​ ​project​ ​going.

In​ ​addition​ ​to​ ​working​ ​for​ ​Namaste​ ​Direct,​ ​Meg​ ​is​ ​on​ ​the​ ​Board​ ​of​ ​Directors​ ​of​ ​Edgewood​ ​Center for​ ​Children,​ ​a​ ​166​ ​year​ ​old​ ​children’s​ ​mental​ ​health​ ​agency​ ​and​ ​has​ ​volunteered​ ​as​ ​a​ ​alpine​ ​ski coach​ ​for​ ​Special​ ​Olympics​ ​of​ ​San​ ​Francisco.

Sept 28, 2017 – Jenny Rader – James Moorehouse Project @ ECHS

This presentation will give us the opportunity to learn about the Medical and Dental Care that is provided by this project at El Cerrito High School.  Be sure to come and hear about this important resource for the high school

Sarah Surchuk is the Rotary Host

El Cerrito Rotary Annual Sip and Savor Event Oct 1st, 2:30p to 5:30p

Enjoy Wine, Brews, Spirits, Food and Fun at the beautiful Berkeley Country Club, formerly Mira Vista Country Club.  This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a great event with your friends and neighbors to participate in the festivities.  You can get your tickets on-line any El Cerrito Rotarian can make sure you get a ticket.   Tickets are $50 each.  

Hope to see you all the event!

October 5, 2017 – Mimi Zemmelman, Ph.D – organizational consultant

Mimi focuses on three key areas in her presentation:  Intention, Vision and Results.   She will be with us on Oct 5th to share with us how her focus on these key areas of leadership and management can benefit ourselves and our organizations.  This will be a great opportunity to fine tune for our future activities.  Mimi contact Jan about doing the presentation and this sounds like a winner.  Be sure and attend!!

Kathleen Hunt – Halloween – October 26th, 2017

We will have a great Halloween presentation by Kathleen Hunt who has a lot of knowledge and understanding about this special day.  She will be on hand to make sure we learn, understand and enjoy one of the favorite days of the year.  Come join us for this wonderful event.