May 30 2019 – Bev Hoffman – Interdicting Trafficking of kids and females in Nepal

President Terry has invited Bev to speak to us about his organization that works to present the challenge of human trafficking in Napel.  Come and join us for what will be an interesting presentation on a very important topic.  Terry met Bev in Berkeley, not far from where they both live.  This is a great topic and it will be an interesting presentation


June 20, 2019 – James Carriere – Ambassador Shelter Box USA

Marty has invited James to visit us and bring us up to date on the Shelter Box USA program.  Be sure and attend this meeting.  Be sure and join us to hear about this Rotary Project.

June 13, 2019 – Craig Turner – Medicare information

Sonya has invited Craig Turner to speak to us about Medicare.   Craig Turner, Sr. Benefits Coordinator & Veteran Advocate for Northern American Senior Benefits Association

 Be sure and join us for this presentation

July 26th – Rusty Gaillard – Transformational Coach

Rusty has been a student of self improvement and transformation for over 10 years, and was formally certified with the Life Mastery Institute in 2018.  He believes that when each person lives their best life, the world is a better place.

An inspirational speaker, trainer, and coach, Rusty offers presentations and workshops to audiences of any size, as well as in-depth coaching in both small groups and one-on-one to help people create a life they love.

Be sure and join us for this presentation on!