February 20, 2020 – Jessica Ong – Speech Therapist & Former Interact Mbr

Today we will be able to hear one of the many El Cerrito High Interact members that has graduated from college and is going to speak to us about her journey from school to career.  This will be a great pleasure for all of us as we are very proud of our Interact club and what they mature to become in their professional life.  Be sure and attend so you can enjoy the experience of hearing Jessica speak to us.  You will be sorry if you miss this Rotary meeting.

Mark Figone – “Talking Trash” February 27, 2020

When I checked with Mark about his presentation he told me he would be “talking trash.”  What this means is we will be given an update on what is happening in the refuse and recycling business.  There are always a lot of interesting things happening in this arena so it will be great to hear first hand from someone who knows what is going on.  As always I know Mark will give us a valuable update.  Be sure and attend our meeting!