Dec 12, 2019 – Dr Sara Diamond – JD-PhD

Our speaker will be  Sara R. Diamond, Ph.D., J.D   She has a degree in sociology and will be speaker to us about astrology from an attorney’s point of view. 

In this brief talk, Sara will explain why astrology is not the two sentences one reads about one’s Sun sign on the back page of a newspaper and why YOU are so much more than the Sun sign you were born under.  Sara will show you what an astrological natal chart looks like and she’ll do a sample reading using the birth chart of a very famous person from the past.


Stephanie Ramos – December 19, 2019 – Zumba Instructor

Stepanie Ramos will be coming to speak to us on December 19th about Zumba.  She will be doing a Zumba presentation that our club can participate in!   Pam, a fellow instructor will accompany Stephanie to make sure we all get a better understanding of Zumba.  Join us for this event.

Tita Escalada Pres of Hercules Rotary – January 2, 2020

President Marty has asked Tita Escalada, President of Hercules Rotary to be our guest speaker.  This will be especially important since President Marty (and all of us) want to expand our membership.  Tita has done a number of important things to grow the Hercules club and we need to hear about this so we can take actions to securing more members.  Be sure and make it to Rotary on January 2, 2020.  What a great way to get our new year off to a good start.   

Tom Panas – January 9, 2020

Tom will be visiting us and provide his insight and update on what is happening with the Contra Costa  School board activities.  It is alway great to have Tom come and share information that is critically important to us about the School system.  Be sure and join us for this important presentation