April 25, 2019 – Kimi Avary MA, Relationship Navigation Specialist

Berkeley Country Club

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Kimi Avary (ConsciousCouplesNetwork.com) is a Premier Relationship Navigation Specialist and best-selling author. For over 10 years she has worked with men and women who are challenged creating great relationships personally and professionally. She has a Masters in Counseling, is an NLP Master practitioner and trainer, and a certified relationship coach. She’s shared the stage with Marianne Williamson and Caroline Myss. Her upcoming book Relationship Navigation: It Takes More Than Love has been endorsed by Dr. John Gray of the Mars/Venus Series.

Overcoming Conversation Collisions Between Men and Women

90% of her relationship challenges stem from misunderstandings between men and women. These misunderstandings cause collisions that tear apart love. When you learn how to navigate the differing styles of relating, you can create a thriving relationship!

You’ll learn:

How chronic misunderstandings take their toll on your health and well being How to be curious instead of furious What’s possible when you learn to navigate differing communication styles.


“Kimi presents her unique perspective on the challenges men and women face when trying  to communicate with each other. Our inherent bias prevents us from being curious about the  opposite sex which makes working relationships incredibly challenging without this information. As a result of her class I feel more respected and valued at work than ever before.” ~ Louise Smith, Shell Oil, New Orleans

Come and join us for this fascinating presentation,.