Atta Archandiwal, award-winning author, speaker and humanitarian

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Atta Arghandiwal was born in Afghanistan but has spent a majority of his life in the United States. As one of ten kids within a large military family, Arghandiwal spent much of his young life traveling and attending school in various parts of the Afghanistan.

Shortly after graduation from high school, Arghandiwal joined the Air Force to finish his military assignment. He then joined Inter-continental hotel’s sales office. After witnessing unexpected political changes beginning with the 1978 communist coup de at, and ultimate invasion by Soviet Union, Arghandiwal left his country in August of 1980 and became a refugee in Germany. He later immigrated to the United States in December of 1981 and was able to land a job as a teller at a savings and loan association. He was able to build a successful banking career over twenty-eight years while serving as a senior vice president in various locations of Northern California.

With deep passion and pride in his heritage, Arghandiwal wrote his first memoir, Lost Decency (The True Afghan Story), in order to increase awareness about his country’s political upheaval and the innocent people who have been caught in crossfire. Lost Decency became the IBPA’s recipient for the Benjamin Franklin Best First Book Award in 2013.

As a devout humanitarian, Atta has authored a comprehensive immigrant success family resource guide. His second book, Immigrant Success Planning, is available now.

Arghandiwal has remained an independent banking/financial services consultant while attending to his lifelong passion for writing, speaking and leadership development.

Arghandiwal is married and lives with his wife and two children in Northern CA while staying engaged within his community through sporting, leadership development and coaching.

7901 Cutting Boulevard, El Cerrito, CA 94530, USA