Berkeley Artist Tyler Hoare & The Red Baron (Host Karen Nierlich)

Mira Vista Country Club

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For nearly four decades, Berkeley artist Tyler Hoare has been adding a bit of whimsy to the East Bay waterfront with his salvaged wood creations: some 30 large sculptures including airplanes inspired in part by Snoopy comics; a submarine, a pirate ship, a viking ship, and a ‘King Tut ship’ with a gold-painted Egyptian-style figurehead; and, before most of the wood pilings in the water rotted away, spindly, rustic, 6-foot-tall sculptures Hoare calls his “post people.”

If you’ve driven on the freeway toward San Francisco, you’ve likely seen his work mounted on wooden columns hovering above the water near Berkeley and Emeryville. His sculptures have been part of the local landscape for more than a generation. And, though they once appeared as a highlight amid towering figures, made from debris and found materials, that defined Emeryville mudflat art, Hoare’s work has long since stood alone due largely to some geographic luck. As the last artist standing, he’s taken the responsibility seriously, and approached it with good humor. Read More in Berkeleyside 2 m video

7901 Cutting Boulevard, El Cerrito, CA 94530, USA