District Governor Visit & Donation to the New EC Library

Mira Vista Country Club

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Pam Gray is our District Governor 516 2014-2015! Husband, Brian, a Rotarian since 1992 and, known to many as past Assistant District Governor for the North Valley Flying Squirrels, is also looking forward to the journey. There is a lot of Rotary in their lives!

Pam and Brian have four daughters and two granddaughters.

Their hobby of riding their Harley long distances for weeks at a time is unimaginable to most Rotarians, but true none the less. Pam enjoyed being the passenger for 3,000 miles on one trip!

Don’t be surprised if Pam and Brian show up at your Club in their Harley gear!

7901 Cutting Boulevard, El Cerrito, CA 94530, USA