June 28, 2018- Kim Baur – Certified Nutrition Health Coach

Berkeley Country Club

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Kim Baur, CHC ​is a Certified Nutrition Health Coach. She graduated from the ​Institute  for Integrative Nutrition​ and​ ​has a ​B.A.​ in Psychology from ​U.C.L.A​. As the founder of  Steppingstone Wellness​, she serves clients as a supportive mentor to achieve better  health through motivation and education on nutrition and other lifestyle factors that  may be impacting their health or causing chronic disease.  

Healthy aging and eating delicious, nutritious food are the heart and soul of her  practice. As a collaborative team member, she supports Functional Medicine and other  healthcare providers to help patients implement their recommendations with diet and  lifestyle changes, and supports companies with their corporate wellness initiatives.  Through a holistic approach, she looks at how all areas of your life are connected (mind  and body). Kim meets with clients or offers group coaching in Berkeley and surrounding  cities, or through secure video calls.    She enjoys being creative, cooking, spending time outdoors and in her Yoga  community.