Secrets of Life and Death by Filmmaker Michelle Peticolas (Rotarian Host Allen Cain)

Mira Vista Country Club

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Talk titled: 3 Ways to Do All You Can For Aging Parents . . . so you’ve got no regrets later.

Caring for aging parents can be an amazing opportunity for personal growth and connection. It can also be an overwhelming, frustrating, heart-breaking nightmare. If you would like more of first and less of the second, join Dr. Michelle Peticolas to learn three powerful tips that will enable more joy and fewer jolts from your caregiving venture. Discover why you need to think about this even if your parents are in great health.

Dr. Michelle Peticolas is an end-of-life specialist dedicated to shifting the way people think and deal with death. A sociologist by training, she responded to the deaths of her parents in 1998 by producing a three-part documentary film series, Secrets of Life and Death. She has been using them in workshops for professional organizations and community groups throughout the Bay Area. In 2010, 2011 and 2013 she received grants from the Lloyd Symington Foundation to share her work with the cancer community. A workshop teacher and private coach, she helps people face the losses around death and dying and discover their new life purpose.


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