Steven Burchik, Author of “Compass and a Camera, A Year in Vietnam”, Rotary Host Jane Del Simone

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“…Many Vietnam War books, particularly memoirs, can be bitterly agenda-driven, determined to take an edgy political position while offering emotional catharsis of the Born on the Fourth of July (1976) kind.  AMVET-turned-author Burchik’s plainly told ‘Nam flashback is a breath of fresh air (as opposed to “the smell of napalm in the morning”)…Burchik, an avid photographer, made thousands of images on black-and-white and color film during his 12-month tour of duty…The book’s easy-flowing, natural structure came out of his penning detailed, chronological captions for what his impassive lens captured, complemented by the regular letters he wrote home to his future wife…Some readers may wish for the Sturm und Drang that other war memoirs have made of death and battle, while others might appreciate the unfiltered, reasoned POV of a humble foot soldier in an unpopular conflict.

An evenhanded, tasteful, just-the-facts time capsule of one American soldier’s Vietnam experience.”          -Kirkus Reviews


Steven Burchik grew up in New York City and earned his bachelor’s degree from Manhattan College during the turbulent sixties. He worked his way through school, including a stint at the New York Daily News, and remained active on campus—even starting a second student newspaper to provide an outlet for students to voice different views.

After graduating, he entered the US Army at the peak of the Vietnam War. He trained at various bases in the US then spent a year in the rice paddies northeast of Saigon in the role of a forward observer as a sergeant with the 1st Infantry Division. He later earned his MBA from Michigan State University and had a successful career as a marketing executive and entrepreneur in the food industry.

Married with grown children, Burchik enjoys pursuing photography and sailing on San Francisco Bay. Compass and a Camera, his memoir of his Vietnam War experience, is his first book.

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