Mixologist Ronaldo Colli or co-owner Tanya Colli of the Ivy Room (Host Karen Nierlich)

Mira Vista Country Club

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This landmark club at San Pablo and Solano has been around for decades—it’s origins go back to the 1940’s. Purchased in 2012 by Ronaldo and Tanya Colli, it’s gained a reputation for bringing the cocktail culture and mixology to the East Bay. Ronaldo has a flair for tequila drinks with a latin inspiration. Recently he made the list of 101 Best New Cocktails for a drink called “The Glitzy”. One reviewer, Stefano Turrini, creator of Dimmi said “With The Glitzy, Ronaldo paired the tart and tangy with warmth to create a drink that instantly had us scheming on how to spend our Christmas on the Mexican Riviera.”

More info: ivyroom.com

7901 Cutting Boulevard, El Cerrito, CA 94530, USA