Wei-Tai Kwok, Climate Reality Project, “Global Warming: A Problem with Many Solutions”

Mira Vista Country Club

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Rotary Host: Marty Kaliski

Wei-Tai Kwok is a volunteer public speaker trained by the Climate Reality Project in August 2013 to present the latest facts and findings about the climate crisis. He will present a multimedia slide show presentation and will answer questions and lead a discussion about what we can do to be part of the solution.

In his day job, Wei-Tai is active in the solar energy industry, most recently as COO at Andalay Solar.  Wei-Tai holds a degree in economics and political science from Yale University. He has lived in the Bay Area for 25 years and is married with two teenage children.

About the Climate Reality Leadership Corps

At The Climate Reality Project, the members of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps are our front-line agents for change. These Climate Leaders have been trained by our Chairman, Al Gore, and deliver Climate Reality presentations in schools, homes, places of worship, businesses, and government forums. Climate Reality presentations educate people about climate change, and build local networks of climate activists who work in their own communities and countries demanding solutions.  For more info, visit www.climaterealityproject.org

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